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message 1: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Ellis (writervictoriaellis) | 5 comments I am seeking a handful of beta readers for my upcoming southern, small-town romance.

Here is the blurb, please let me know if you are interested by sending an email to

Madison Alexander fled Huntington, South Carolina the day after graduating from high school and has refused to look back since. Being in the very center of a scandal in her small-town made the decision to pack up and leave easy.

After putting herself through college and starting her photography business, life in New York City was looking up...

Until she receives a call that her dad is hospitalized and she is catapulted straight back into all the reasons she ran away from her small, southern town in the first place.

Enter Travis Ford, the ultimate southern gentleman and Madi's first crush. He's agreed to help Madi's dad fix up the old farmhouse she grew up in. Sure, five years have passed since she's laid eyes on Travis, but how can five years be that good to a man? More importantly, did Travis have that chiseled of a jawline and those perfect, drool-worthy muscles back in high school?

No sooner than Madi and Travis reconnect, he's the one leaving this time, and for the turbulent world known as the military. The two say their goodbyes and promise that his tour won't stand in the way of their potential to be together.

But, life isn't always fair and seldom goes according to plan.

According to plan is a small-town romance that promises:
-No Cheating
-Steamy Scenes
-Friends to Lovers Romance

According to Plan is the SECOND book in a SIX book STAND ALONE romance series!

Release Date: 9.17.2020

message 2: by Grace (new)

Grace Cooper | 3 comments I need some beta readers for my book Blood & Soul a Paranormal Ghost fantasy. Follow Chastity through her journey through the spirit world as she meets Michael and some new friends. Chastity's life only just begun being 17 before she died will get a second chance at her life and dreams or remain a spirit forever. Will Chastity and Michael find a way to turn back the time before Chastity's human body dies leaving Chastity stuck in the spirit world forever. Michael teaches Chastity how the spirit world works as ghosts aren't bound to the laws of physics.How can they appear or disappear? How can they roam through our world. Chastity falls for Michael but her heart is with Evan as Chastity is forced to decide what she wants. If you like ghosts and how their world works and how life is lived after death. Do we really go on?Also the way of life & death cycle repeats as new people enter the spirit world and what's it like for spirit to watch new life be born. Michael makes it his mission to end the evil who hurt Chastity and as Michael has unfinished business with heartfelt scenes as well & surprises Read my book Blood & Soul to find out. it is free to read on

message 3: by Shalu (new)

Shalu Gupta | 17 comments Victoria wrote: "I am seeking a handful of beta readers for my upcoming southern, small-town romance.

Here is the blurb, please let me know if you are interested by sending an email to victoriaellisauthor@gmail.c..."

Hello Victoria,

I liked the blurb, and would like to beta read your book. I am an editor and offer editorial assessment or beta read sometimes when blurb is interesting. I will email you in a while. You can also connect with me at

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