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The Colorado Kid
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Melissa Chung (bingereader19) | 173 comments Mod
Hello, Constant Readers!! It's August! Normally on a regular year....I'd be a bit foggy on the date during the summer, but never the month we are currently in. I do apologize for being a few days late.

This month's book is The Colorado Kid. A short book, (thank goodness, for I am struggling with his longer books this year) at a whopping 205 pages, I think we'll all be able to finish this one. This book came out in 2005 and is apart of the Hard Case Crime book series. His other book, Joyland is also apart of this series. For King....Joyland was way watered down. This is King's version (in my opinion) of a cozy mystery.

After researching a movie or tv show for this book, I found that 'HAVEN' an American-Canadian supernatural drama series was loosely based on this book. It ran from from 2010-2015. I did not know this show existed. Now I'm going to have to look it up. All five seasons is currently on Netflix. Anyone want to binge this with me after we read the book???

Ok my horror lovers...I hope you have a great reading month. Let the reading gods shine down upon us in this dreary time and give us a supernatural strength to read more this month than we have in all the previous months. Good luck and happy reading!!!

Maza Booktuber | 2 comments Hey, I’m new here I have been wanting to start a book of the month but you know how that goes your TBR always changes... but i have heard that the tv show is nothing like the book because the tv show is more super natural. But I’ll for sure check it out with you! I have finished the book it is such an enticing book because it’s so short and I love that satisfaction of finishing a book. However, for some reason I always expect to get like a billion high fives and fire works when I finish a book but I only get a really wonderful (how was it?) from my wife which I adore don’t get me wrong! Back to the book though I think it is a small glimpse at Kings writing style but I completely enjoyed the direction he took it. He gave it a real life twist. I won’t put any spoilers but you’ll understand more when you guys finish it. I think you guys chose the perfect month to assign this book his new book, “Later” was just announced.

link to preorder: Check this out: Later by Stephen King

It is also going to be a Hard Case crime book and the story of how Stephen King actually started writing for them started from an email and Ling basically put Hard Case publications on the map good ole Ling! But like I said I rated it five out of five because it was a nugget with a really juicy mystery that will keep you wondering till the end and then some!

Ashley Smith | 165 comments Mod
Welcome! I was excited to get to it but even more so after your review! Hopefully I'll at least have it started by this weekend. And thank you for the link to the preorder. I had no idea!

Ashley Smith | 165 comments Mod
Starting it right now!

message 5: by Chelley (new)

Chelley Marie | 155 comments I own both so I’m ready to start. It’s been a long time since I’ve read it so I’ve forgotten what it’s about:)

Lauren Milam (helloconstantreader) | 11 comments Just ordered it. Never read this one before.

Maza Booktuber | 2 comments Thoughts on the book so far?

Ashley Smith | 165 comments Mod
Maza wrote: "Thoughts on the book so far?"

I actually read it fairly quickly just over a few days and I really enjoyed it! Very different for King. In my review I said that it kind of reminded me of an episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved and I stand by that lol

Lauren Milam (helloconstantreader) | 11 comments I’m halfway through The Colorado Kid and I’m not very impressed. I agree, not Kong’s typical style of book. There’s a lot of dialogue and less descriptions. It’s just now getting interesting, but the beginning is a major drag.

Lauren Milam (helloconstantreader) | 11 comments Okay—I finished. I am so disappointed. I have never given a King novel so few stars! Does anyone else feel this book was a let down?

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