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message 1: by Phil (new)

Phil | 4 comments Hi all

I'd love to do a beta reader swap for my recently completed 50,000 word YA first contact sci-fi manuscript.

Here's a short blurb:

Seventeen year old Angela had just started her first off-ship assignment on the USS Washington when a strange object called the Beacon suddenly appeared in orbit on the eve of a Congressional session, nearly destroying the capital and sending the already politically fractured American fleet into turmoil. She’s rescued by outlaws from the outcast ship Goldman, along with Franklin, a young, anxious political intern from the conservative USS Jefferson, and political operative Patti, from the liberal Kennedy. Only she and her new friends can unravel the mystery of the Beacon and save the fleet from destruction. To do so, she’ll have to face the truth about herself and her past, all while strange new abilities awaken within her.

There's elements of political allegory, alternate history and adventure with a diverse cast of characters.

If you're interested in swapping, message me or hit me up at

message 2: by Kristian (new)

Kristian Hall | 3 comments Hi Phil,

Just sent you an email about this.

- Kristian

message 3: by James (new)

James Maddox | 11 comments Hi Phil,

I'll shoot you an email tonight.


message 4: by David (new)

David Octavian (inziko) | 58 comments Hi Phil - I'd love to try a swap with you! My dark fantasy novel is complete and is sitting at 152k words but I'm willing to swap an amount of words equal to the length of your story if you wish. ;)

Kindly see below info and let me know via PM/reply/email at if you're interested. Thanks. ;)

Genre: Dark Fantasy with Mystery and Horror elements.
Keywords: Atmospheric, Prophecy, Kingdom, Mysticism, Immersive, Dark

The seers and necromancers foretell a dark prophecy that shall leave the land consumed of life.
Caleb – a mercenary with a mysterious past – escapes from his tower prison and is tasked with retrieving a journal which is his world’s last hope for salvation and to stop the prophecy. There is a rift somewhere between the mortal world and the Volatile, and the seers are searching its location to seal it with the help of the journal, once found.
Meanwhile, an envoy of the court is seeking to prevent a grim war that will bring ruination to his kingdom…and not only.

I can provide feedback on characters (voice, consistency, personality), worldbuilding (setting, description, exposition), plot, writing style and flow of story. A quick disclaimer: the story has some mature content. Nothing (too) triggering (hopefully). :)

Thanks in advance!

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