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How Much of These Hills Is Gold
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Deedi Brown (DeediReads) (deedireads) | 32 comments Mod
Hi friends! Those who've finished the book, let's talk about These Hills!

Overall impression? Favorite part? Favorite character? Drop your thoughts below!

Lia (_Lia_Reads_) (_lia_reads_) | 6 comments I was not at all aware of this part of the Gold Rush, namely Asian immigrants who participated in it and was curious to see if others had heard of that history!

I loved the way that Sam’s character was handled and explored in particular (though I think Lucy was my favorite of the two siblings).

I am curious to hear what others thought of the structure of the story, especially the sudden jumps in time. It was hard to follow at times but I also found that it added an interesting texture to the story.

Haley Direnzo | 1 comments I was not aware of this history either! What a beautiful story to tell it. I loved the way that the writing style shifted as the book went on. The section at the end with Anna seemed to have a whole different voice and perspective that matched this new world Lucy was trying to live in but then she returned to the poetic, lyrical way of writing in the end. The last page is such beautiful writing!

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