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message 1: by Jane (new)

Jane Danforth (janedanforth) | 4 comments I have a sweet, 25k word, romance that is in need of a beta read. I've published before, but this is my first foray into sweet romance. I'd love some readers and/or authors of the genre to help me polish the manuscript into a good afternoon read.

I'm looking for feedback on:
*Plot - any holes?
*Characters - do you like them or not?
*Romance - How is it working (or not working) for you?

The premise is a woman, Melissa, whose parents died is taking a break from watching her younger sisters in order to fix up the cabin her parents left to them. When her neighbor, Charlie, offers to help, sparks fly, but secrets from the past threaten their possible future together.

You can leave a comment here or email me at

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks to those interested!

message 2: by Brandi Reads (new)

Brandi Reads (brandisreadingservices) | 25 comments Hi Jane!

I am interested in beta reading your novel.
I currently beta read for a mystery/science fiction author. I also ARC read for a historical fiction author and ARC read for a women’s fiction author.

My email is:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Have a blessed day!

message 3: by Diana (new)

Diana | 3 comments I love romance novels and I'd be happy to beta read for you! Please count me in if you still need people.

My email is

message 4: by Janeal (new)

Janeal Falor | 85 comments Thank you both! And yes, I still need people, Diana. I'll send you an email. :)

message 5: by Irene (new)

Irene (irene_archeron) | 3 comments I read a lot of romance and I would love to beta read your story. You can email me at

message 6: by Jane (new)

Jane Danforth (janedanforth) | 4 comments That would be great! Sent you an email, thanks!

message 7: by Mariah (new)

Mariah (mariahlary) | 2 comments Hello! I’m new to beta reading but I’ve been sucked into romance lately and decided that I’d love to try beta reading to help others. If you’re still looking for beta readers I would love to read yours :)
My email is:

message 8: by Jane (new)

Jane Danforth (janedanforth) | 4 comments Thanks, Mariah! Sent you an email. :)

If anyone else is interested, for this round of betas, I would love 1 - 2 more readers. After that, I might have another round of beta readers if you're still interested.

message 9: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 4 comments Hello. I am interested in reading your book.
My email is:

message 10: by Mythu (new)

Mythu Devan | 4 comments Hi, I am interested. Please send your work to

message 11: by Anna (new)

Anna (andzela) | 20 comments Hi! I would love to beta read for you as I love romance novels. My email is Regards, Anna

message 12: by Jane (new)

Jane Danforth (janedanforth) | 4 comments Thank you all for your interest! And sorry it's taken me so long to get back with you. I have enough betas for now, but I might need more in the future. Thanks again!

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