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SOLVED: Non-Fiction > SOLVED. Self help book by white south African author emotional release. Something like peace process or project.

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message 1: by Andy (new)

Andy Wallzack | 2 comments Didn't actually read the book, but would like to. The author is a white south African or new Zealand male, bald, that writes about an emotional release process involving breathwork that takes place over the course of a number of weeks that can be performed at home. He wrote two books on the subject/techniques. I can remember something related to freedom, peace, process, or project in the title maybe. He had a few videos on Youtube of him being interviewed outdoors and also lecturing in a church setting to a small group of people about his method and philosophy. He is retired now and had a very basic website that had his books available. I've looked everywhere and can;t seem to put all the pieces together. Any help would be appreciated.

message 2: by Andy (new)

Andy Wallzack | 2 comments Figured it out. The Presence Process by Micheal Brown

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