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A Chequered Romance: A Friends to Lovers Gay MM Romance (Chequered Romance, #1)
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Lawson Brook (lawson_brook) | 2 comments Hi All

I would like to ask for some book reviewers to review my new book, A Chequered Romance. It is currently a pre-order. I would really appreciate your comments and feedback. I can provide free copies of the book.

Ebook title - A Chequered Romance
Author - Lawson Brook
Genre - Gay Romance
Link to Amazon website
Link to Goodreads website

Synopsis -
A Chequered Romance
(The Chequered Romance Series - Book 1)

What happens when the Prime Minister of Great Britain falls in love with an African Revolutionary Leader?

After having a brief relationship during their University days at Oxford, George and Masimba go their separate ways. A decade passes. George works his way up the slippery political ladder, becoming Prime Minister at the spectacularly young age of 29. Masimba, on the other hand, returns to his homeland of Zimbabwe to forge his own political career, eventually becoming opposition leader and fighting for the freedom of his people.

Civil war ensues in Zimbabwe, and George watches from Britain as his ex-boyfriend’s life hangs in the balance. Concerned for Masimba’s safety, and harbouring a pent-up desire to meet him again, George arranges for Masimba to be granted exile in the Ethiopian Embassy in Britain. Masimba reluctantly agrees, but as he arrives in London, he realises that his feelings for George are still strong.

George’s decision to help Masimba is not popular. He has to contend with disapproval from the tabloid press, the King of England and from the President of the United States, no less. And he also faces a threat to his Premiership from political rivals who smell blood. Both the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Foreign Secretary manoeuvre themselves into position to oust George as PM. To make matters worse, George’s secret love affair with the Chancellor has recently ended acrimoniously.

What George wants more than anything else is to meet up with Masimba again, and rekindle their romance. And when an opportunity arises for them to spend a weekend together at the Prime Minister’s private residence, Chequers, George seizes the moment and Masimba gladly accepts his invitation.

Against all odds, will romance succeed at Chequers?

Gay Romance Novel - 60,575 words


message 2: by Rafaela (new)

Rafaela Diogo | 1 comments Hi Lawson!

I'd love to read and review your book!

Could you send me a PDF of it?


message 3: by Marilisa (new)

Marilisa | 1 comments Hi, this sounds fun and interesting, I’d like to have the opportunity to read it, thank you

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