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message 1: by BotJesus (new)

BotJesus | 8 comments Hi, I hope this is the right thread!

I noticed some issues with the german Version(s) of I Love Dick.
ISBN 9783442716562
I think these two mean the same version:
since the publisher + publishing date are the same.

One is missing the page count (292), the other one the ISBN+ has somehow a higher page count.
Also the publishing date seems to be wrong: it's September 2018

Maybe I'm super wrong but I can't find a version that matches my book the way I would like it to. Pls help? Thanks!

message 2: by BotJesus (new)

BotJesus | 8 comments Just ads for other publications.

The German National Library as well as the book list the publication date as September 2018. But if the publisher lists August, it will be right.

Thanks for your help!

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