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Susan (shaydock) | 725 comments Sorry about the delay but I was one of the lucky people to get unsolicited seeds from China. Had to send to the Federal Ag. Yuck
But at least I had a great book to read.
Cats this time!

Cathead is the real hero.
Judyth hissed. Blanche followed suite, but Blanche always did whatever Judyth did. At that point Cathead jumped up an and now there were three hostile cats in a row, all glaring at F.
“Fine.” His mouth cam together in a hard line, and his entire demeanor changed.
“I do not love. You. I do need to get married. And you are the best woman for the job.”
“One would think the best woman for the job would be a woman who actually wants the job.”
“I do not have the luxury of finding that woman, ’He retorted. “I need to get married now.”
“How far in debt are you?”
“Quiet, “he said. “You are the perfect combination of dowry and tolerability.”
“This is how you think to convince me?”
“I tried to go about it the nice way,” he said.
He waved dismissively, causing Heroine to once again gasp for his safety. But he did not slip. She recalled that someone had once told her F was a natural athlete, that he had ruled the cricket fields at Eton. Thank God for that, because she had a feeling it was the only reason he had not yet tumbled to the ground.
“I did everything properly,” he said. “I danced with you. I took you to a bookshop.”
“From which you kidnapped me.”
He shrugged. “My creditors advanced my calendar considerably. Now please, if you would. You have not a choice. Surely you must know that. Your reputation is in tatters.”
“Thank to you!”
“Then let me make it up to you. Once we are married, it will all go away you will have the protection of my name.
“I do not want the protection of your name.” Heroine seethed.
“You will be Mrs. F,” he said, and Heroine honestly could not tell if he was willfully ignoring her or too caught up in his greatness to notice that she had spoken.
He leaned toward her. “When my father passes you will be Lady N.
“I would rather be Miss B.”
“Miss B is a spinster.” He started scooting down the branch. “You don’t want to be a spinster.”
“Stop it, F.” Heroine eyed him with growing panic. Surely, he did not think the branch would hold him all the way to her window.
“I am coming in.”
“You are not.”
“Accept your fate, Heroine.”
“I will scream, : she warned.
He actually laughed at her, the creatine “If you were going to scream, you would have done it by now.”
“The only reason I have not is because my brother is here tonight, and he will disembowel you if he finds you anywhere near me.”
“So, you do care.”
Dear God, this man was stupid.
“About my brother, she hissed. “I have no wish to see him jailed for murder. And I do not need another scandal. You’ve already ruined my life.”
“So let me fix it.”
“Your plan all along, I assume.”
He shrugged again as he nudged himself forward a few inches. “You are not going to do better.”
“F, don’t! It won’t support your weight.”
“Toss me a rope.”
“I do not have a rope! Why would you think I had a rope in my bedroom? And for the love of God, Back up.”
He did not listen.
“Do not come closer,” Heroine warned. She was starting to worry that maybe the branch would hold his weight. It was not bowing nearly as much as she would have thought.
“You will marry me,” He growled.
“Would it be easier if I just gave you money?”
He paused. “You would do that?”
“No!” She picked up the closest object she could put her hands on—a book—and hurled it at him.
“Ow!” It clipped him on the shoulder. “Stop that!”
She threw another book.
“What the hell are you doing?”
“Defending my honor,” she ground out. She tried to lean forward, but the cats were in the way. Without taking her eyes off F. she picked them up one by one and tossed them down. “If you have nay care to your wellbeing,” she warned him, “you’ll remember what happened las time you tried to convince me to marry you.”
“Don’t be a ---Jesus Christ!”
She knobbed him on the head with an inkpot.
“I’ve got another right here,” she growled. “I write a lot of letter.”
His face curled into something unpleasant. “I’m beginning to think you’re not worth the trouble.”
“So, I’ve been telling you,” she hissed. She hurled the second inkpot at him but as he moved to dodge it, Cat-Head (who had never been the brightest of her three cats) hopped up onto the sill, let out an unholy scraw, and launched himself out the window.
“Cat-Head!” Heroine lunged forward, trying to get hold of him, but the cat was in F’s face before she even had her arms out the window.
“Get it off me!” F shrieked.
“Cat-Head! Cat-Head, come back!” Heroine hissed, trying to keep her voice down. The other bedrooms were around the corner, so with any luck no one would have heard Freddie’s cry of distress.
F clawed at the cat, trying to dislodge it, but Cat-Head held firm, wrapped around F’s head like half of a furry octopus with claws.
“You bloody---” F’s words disintegrated into a furious grunt as he seized the cat by its midsection.
“Don’t you dare throw my cat!” Heroine warned.
“But F already had him by the belly. Cathead let out a might cat-scream, and F tossed him away.
It did not go well for F.
Cat-Head fared splendidly.
After a terrifying moment when he seemed to be suspended in med-air, fur sticking out in every direction, he got his claws into a clump of leaves hanging down from another brand and then swung himself to safety.
F on the other hand, lost his balance completely. He let out a howl of distress as he clawed for purchase, but it was to no avail. He slid from the branch and fell, bumping against several lower branches as he tumbled to the ground.
“Oh my God.” Heroine’s words came out in a tiny horrified squeak as she leaned out the window. “OhmyGodOhmyGod…” All the way down the stairs skidding through the hall and out the door in her bare fee. “Oh my God.”
He was at the base of the tree, lying very still. His head was bleeding, and already one of his eyes appeared to be shut.
Mr. F?” she asked hesitantly inching toward him.”
He moaned.
Oh, thank God. He was not dead.
She leaned in a little closer nudging his hip with her toe.
“Mr. F, can you hear me?”
So, that was a yes.
“Are you hurt?”
He gave her a malevolent stare. A one-eyed malevolent stare, which was somehow worse.
“Err, where are you hurt?” she amended.
“Everywhere, you bloody moron.”

Aly is so frigging bored | 857 comments Mod
I don't know the book but I think I know the author... It sounds fun

message 3: by Susan (new)

Susan (susaninaz) | 1027 comments Hapless Hero deserved that fall. I hope he falls even further before Heroine lets up on her assaults.

message 4: by Dls (new)

Dls | 2100 comments Mod
I know the book. F deserves what he got

message 5: by Leigh-Ayn (new)

Leigh-Ayn | 1196 comments I think I know the author but not sure about the book!

message 6: by Daniellegn (new)

Daniellegn | 247 comments sounds good/ fun to read!

message 7: by Stacey (new)

Stacey (staceyissassy) | 1280 comments Don't know it but I'm interested. :-)

message 8: by Susan (new)

Susan (shaydock) | 725 comments loved the cats

message 9: by Susan (new)

Susan (shaydock) | 725 comments First Comes Scandal
Julia Quinn

message 10: by Susan (new)

Susan (susaninaz) | 1027 comments First Comes Scandal is the link.

message 11: by Susan (new)

Susan (shaydock) | 725 comments thank you

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