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The Princess and the Page
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's Fantasy about a girl with a magic pen (family heirloom?) that makes everything she writes become true. [s]

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rory (rorybaskin378) | 85 comments I'm thinking of a children's book I read around 2016. It is about a girl who enters a story contest, and finds a really pretty pen in the attic (?) she decides to write her contest entry with this pen. I can't exactly remember what she wrote her contest entry about, but it definitely featured a princess. I know that she writes the story in the attic with her best friend. I think they are avoiding the main character's mother. Maybe the girl is grounded, maybe the mom has friends downstairs? I'm not sure. But I don't think that the girl finishes the story. The girl's mother comes upstairs, greets the friend, and then notices the pen. I think she is very surprised and scared when she sees it, and I think she then puts it in a box? And then the friend leaves, and the girl goes downstairs for dinner. Apparently the mother had been on a sort of health-food spree, because she had ordered some sort of healthy takeout, which the father was upset about. The main girl went to get the takeout when the delivery people knocked at the front door. There were two men, who handed her the food. As they were leaving, they said to her, 'sweet dreams', which struck the girl as odd. She didn't eat the food, but her parents did. they then passed out, and the guys burst through the door. The girl ran upstairs to her parents' room, and jammed the door with a chair. When she was in their room, she noticed the box that her mother had put the pen in earlier. She heard the men straight outside the door, asking where the pen was. I think that she quietly called the police, and they showed up a couple minutes later. Nothing had been stolen, which confused the police, but they took the fake delivery guys and left. The girl's parents woke up shortly after, and the mom freaked out looking for the pen. The main girl was confused, but the mom didn't really explain what the big deal was with the pen, and the dad didn't really seem to know. The girl finishes her story with a regular pen. She ends up winning the contest, and the prize is that she gets to visit some castle and bring two guests. She brings her best friend and her mom. When they're at the castle, I think that everything the girl had written with the special pen becomes true, but she has to hide it from her best friend. She finishes the story with the pen and makes everything right again. Sorry, I remember a lot of little details from the beginning and almost none of the actual plot. Please help! Thanks

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rory (rorybaskin378) | 85 comments That's it, thank you!

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