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Michelle (dreamstela) | 17 comments Our new book club, focusing on Circe by Madeline Miller, will offer both online meetings as well as online discussion here, in the HMCPL Goodreads Group. We will read a few chapters a week, and we will discuss themes found within those chapters. The first online meeting will be August 5th at 6:30 pm. Questions will go live in the Goodreads Group on Monday mornings.

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Michelle (dreamstela) | 17 comments Discussion Question 1: Before reading this book, were you familiar with the character of Circe in Greek Mythology? What did you know about her?

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Michelle (dreamstela) | 17 comments Discussion Question 2: What is Miller trying to tell us with the way she portrays the roles of gods and goddesses in Circe?

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Michelle (dreamstela) | 17 comments Discussion Question 3: How does Circe’s interaction with Prometheus Change her?

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Michelle (dreamstela) | 17 comments Discussion Question 4: Though Circe is an immortal herself, she’s not treated well by other immortals. Does this make her a more sympathetic or relatable character? Why or why not?

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Michelle (dreamstela) | 17 comments Discussion Question 5: One of the themes present in these first few chapters is the theme of being an outsider. Did you identify with Circe's feelings of being alone in a group? Why or why not?

April | 1 comments 1) I was not at all knowledgeable about Circe. I actually have never had any interest in any mythology, but I read this because I was told it was a good book and I didn't look too closely at what it was about where I probably would not have even picked it up. I'm so glad that I did though because it was so amazing.
2. Men are scared of women. that they can't control - I think this is still true today of weaker men. there is still the pervasive myth of diabolical women who will destroy them.
3. she learns of humanity and falls in love with it - but then shes not allowed to fall I. love with it so she changes the human she loves to a god ...bit starts the whole thing. she showed grace and was damned for it.
4. she wasn't treated well because she wasn't beautiful enough to be revered and she was too strong and could hurt the men. I sympathized with her most of the time.
5. I quite identified with her - she wasn't acknowledged even by her own kind. it's a lonely place to be.

Nora (gnora) | 4 comments Questions!! :)

1. I am fairly well-read in Greek mythology, but to be perfectly honest I was most familiar with Circe's story through her portrayal in various pop culture as a child. Most memorably, Circe appears as a villain in 1980s Disney show DuckTales and the late 1990s show Hercules (where I have just discovered she was voiced by Idina Menzel [aka: Elsa and Elphaba]!!!). More recently, she appears in Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series where she turns our hero into a guinea pig.

2. I feel as though Miller is applying very human characteristics and motivations to these characters. In a way, she in modernizing them while still keeping the traditional styling of the characters.


to be continued....

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Amanda Campbell | 14 comments Mod
Yay! I'm so excited about this book club! I didn't plan ahead well enough so I haven't started the book yet. I'll answer question 1 here and jump in with the Zoom group next week.

I really don't know anything about Circe. Although, after Nora's comment above I am definitely going to revisit DuckTales and Hercules!

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