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A London Child of the 1870s
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Karen | 351 comments Mod
Here we can leave our thoughts/discussion questions on finishing A London Child of the 1870s

Pamela (bibliohound) I loved this book. Molly really appreciated her happy childhood, and it was fascinating to read about their games and what life was like for them. The holidays in Cornwall were so simple but they never got bored, and made the most of every day.

Tania | 221 comments I loved it too. It was so nice to read about a happy childhood and a loving family. The holidays sounded idyllic.
I was really shocked by the ending, (view spoiler)

message 4: by Iza (new) - rated it 4 stars

Iza Brekilien (izabrekilien) I haven't finished it yet but I'm enjoying it. It's not a Dickensian childhood at all ! I expected it to be sterner, but those children are very lively and their mother very open-minded :)

Tania | 221 comments Yes, it was pleasant to read of a happy childhood, I was expecting something a bit more grim, so I was happily surprised.

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Iza Brekilien (izabrekilien) Finished it ! The ending was sad, but it seems she wrote two other books and I'll be curious to read them in the future. The Cornish holidays made me long to go back there !

Tania | 221 comments Me too, we used to holiday in Cornwall as kids, I think it's booked solid this year with people less keen on Europe.
I thought the ending dreadfully sad. I guess the later books will be less cheerful, but I'd also be interested on reading them.
Susan pointed me in the direction of Vivians, In which Molly wrote her mum's story. It sounded really interesting from the stories she told Molly.

Pamela (bibliohound) Glad you enjoyed it too Iza! Those holidays certainly did sound wonderful, the children really made the most of them.

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Iza Brekilien (izabrekilien) That was a really nice discovery, I'm very thankful to the group because I'd never heard of it before :)

Tania | 221 comments It was Iza, I must admit the book had been languishing on my shelves for some time so I'm glad to have found the excuse to read it, and now plan to read more of her books when I find the time.

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