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Angelica walked out into the open, the human teenager's eyes wandered across the clearing. Angelica was one of the few humans that didn't work for the mutants. She taps her foot on the ground, though she didn't know it, Angelica was partly mutant. Her father was half mutant but her mother was full human. Considering this Angelica could run extremely fast compared to a normal person. Her human friends had said she would win a race against a cheetah if she ever raced.

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Angelica flops down on one of the short stone walls, she pulls out a stripe of pink bubble gum and pops it into her mouth. Her brownish gray eyes looks around. Angelica was more of a loner, she wasn't keen on becoming what the other human had. She pulls up her long waist long, blonde hair into a high pony-tail.

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"This is lame," Angelica says, she stands up and ties her shoes. She runs as fast as she can, her lean body becomes a blur.

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Angelica looks back, she sees the mutant. She trips on a branch, and tumbles on the ground. She sits up her heart racing.

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Angelica sat up. She fixes her hair and looks at the cloud. She walks around the black fog, she had never seen anything like it and she had seen many things on her run from mutants.

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She takes and step back, she puts her hood over her head and runs off, to a small empty house on the far side of town where she had made herself a home.

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