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message 1: by Bard (new)

Bard Ampora | 8 comments Mod
Drop your book recommendations here! If you ever need a book recommendation feel free to lurk around this topic. If you ever want to recommend a book leave a reply!

message 2: by corina (new)

corina (introvertedwriter) | 12 comments Mod
1. Strange the Dreamer duology by Laini Taylor.
This duology is set in a fantastical world with a wonderful cast of diverse characters. It follows Lazlo Strange as he obsessed over the lost city of Weep, a place that vanished and left a hole in his heart that only grew as he spent years looking in the library where he works at for proof of its existence. That is until he is given the chance of a lifetime to uncover the secrets and the mystery surrounding this lost place.

message 3: by melanie (last edited Aug 02, 2020 09:03PM) (new)

melanie loyola (melanieloyolaa) | 7 comments House of Salt and Sorrow by Erin A. Craig.
A retelling of the 12 Dancing Princesses + a sprinkle of horror. In a manor by the sea, live 12 cursed sisters. It follows the story of Annaleigh (seems to be the name of a white kid given by a Karen) who becomes incredible suspicious after the death of the fourth sister and ghostly visions. Can’t forget the dancing they sneak off to everyday without knowing who is there and who they’re with (naughty children).
-I don’t know how to write recommendations for books without leaving dumb opinions or comments but I minimized them :D

message 4: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 2 comments A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown

A book about two teenagers who live very different lives but one thing seems to unite them: (I mean “unite” very loosely) death. Malik must kill the crown princess of Ziran in order to get his little sister back from an ancient spirit. Princess Karina, on the other hand, must obtain the heart of a king to complete a spell to resurrect her mother.
That is what I can give away but you will not regret reading it! It is a breathtaking book with amazing world building and incredibly deep and complex characters.

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