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Amelia Danver (adanver1605) | 5 comments Hi everyone! I just put up an ARC for my second novel, Claiming You in Eden.

I am looking for Beta Readers and ARC reviewer to give some constructive feedback. Here is a link to the ARC:

Cathryn is a bookish 19-years-old girl who had just begun to embark on her university life, when she, along with a couple of friends, were abducted during a sorority party by a group of armed men who worked for the Brotherhood, an international crime syndicate, involved in human trafficking, drug dealing, and other criminal activities. She was taken under the wings of Alec, one of the henchmen, for almost a year. Throughout which time, they tested each other's sexual boundaries, and he came to develop an obsession for her. But is this kind of love real, and can this kind of love last a lifetime? Stockholm syndrome, Lima syndrome, Gamma hero, BDSM, you name it, this book has them all. Set against the lush backdrop of the Tenderloin in San Francisco, all the way across the Pacific Ocean, to Osaka, Japan, Claiming You in Eden will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Ultimately, this novel tells the triumphant story of one sexual assault survivor, as she navigated the world after her ordeal, with the help of those around her; in other words, not your usual abduction romance story.

Much appreciated,
Amelia D.

Amelia Danver (adanver1605) | 5 comments


Hi all! The wait is over!

The first book in the Brotherhood series, Claiming You in Eden, is now available on Kindle Unlimited! Reviewers wanted for this novel.

I am currently working on the sequel, Bound To You in Japan.

Check out my profile synopsis, and ARC Reviews of the Series on Goodreads:

Here is a link to my author's website:
to check for giveaways!

And here is a link to the book on Kindle Unlimited:

Thank you all! PM me for any questions.

Amelia D.

Synopsis/Blurb for Bound to You in Japan:

In the second installment of the Brotherhood series, 19-years-old "Cathy" Cathryn Johnson was bought by a new Shujin, her new Yakuza Master, and had to serve him in this foreign land. He was kind, but severe when it came to disciplining her. The contrast between him and Alec was like night and day. The latter had only given her a taste of what dominance and submission could be, but her new Master was about to teach her all there was to know about the pleasures of the flesh.

Can she escape from him,

from this country,

and return to her old life back in the US?


29-years-old “Alec” Alexandre Kitamura Sousa was once a ruthless, calculating, and efficient CIA field agent until his assignment brought his world colliding with Cathy’s. Now he is completely and utterly obsessed with the sweet girl. She has messed with his logical mind.

When the Hostage Rescue Team failed in their rescue op, and Cathy was whisked away to Japan, Alec abandoned all reasons and went rogue, taking on a new assignment of his own in Osaka, Japan, in order to find her.

But what awaited him in Japan was nothing like he could ever imagine. The Brotherhood’s web of conspiracy ran deeper than any previous intel provided by the CIA assets within and without the country. Alec was torn once again between the desire to keep Cathy by his side, or serving his country.

Could he ever give her up, knowing that the fate of the world is at stake?

The plot thickens in this sequel to the first novel in the Brotherhood Series, Claiming You in Eden.

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