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Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Me and Amelie will be buddy reading A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder! I’m really excited!!

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Amelie Me too!! :D

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Amelie I’m excited to start reading tomorrow! I checked and there’s about 50 chapters, so do you want to read 5-10 chapters per day and see how we go from there? :D

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Could we do between 10-15 a day? I have another buddy read coming up soon and I don’t wanna fall behind. If that doesn’t work I totally understand.

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Amelie Ok, sounds like a plan, and we can always adjust it if it doesn’t work out! 😊

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Okay Cool!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) So I started reading. I’m only at 2% though so I’m not that far.

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Amelie Awesome! I’ve read the first 11 chapters now! I’m liking the book so far, it’s really interesting! What do you think about it so far? It does feel too early to guess who the killer is and what really happened, but I can’t help thinking that maybe Naomi or Ravi are involved. And Andie doesn’t seem entirely innocent, especially with her secret lover and her situation with her father. Any ideas? I’m excited to read more!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) So I just read thru chapter 11 and I totally agree that it’s too soon to know who the Murder is. I personally don’t think Ravi has a part in the Murder because if he did I don’t think he would be helping Pip out. It was surprising to see that Andie had another side to her, with her being cruel to her Friends/sisters, having all this money and having a Secret lover. I don’t think it was right of Pip to pretend to be Chole in order to get information from Emma. I also really wanted know who gave Pip that note in the tent. I have no idea who it could be.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) So I just read thru chapter 15
Here are my thoughts:

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Amelie So I’ve read 28 chapters, and I’m up to Part 3 of the story. So much has happened in these chapters, and I really want to find out more.

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What are your thoughts on the book so far?

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Currently I’m on chapter 22 and so far I’m really enjoying it. I have no idea who the main suspect could be and I’m kinda scared for Pip. Like she keeps getting the threatening messages and I don’t want her to get hurt.

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Amelie I’m also really liking the book! I’m worried for Pip as well, since she keeps getting caught up in dangerous situations and threatened, but at least she’s got Ravi with her so she’s not entirely alone. I will read some more tomorrow, since it’s my bed time now! :D

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Okay cool! I really like Pip and Ravi together I think they make a great team.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) I just finished the book! Tell me when you finish so we can have a full out discussion!

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Amelie I just finished the book now, and it was so good!! I definitely wasn’t expecting Elliot and Becca’s involvement (Becca’s surprised me more), or there to be two separate killers who weren’t working together. I’m really glad that Pip uncovered the truth and that Ravi helped her through it as well! I gave the book 5 stars, since I didn’t want to put it down at all.

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Amelie I couldn’t help feeling sorry for most of the characters, and their flaws and struggles were written in such a relatable and realistic way. I felt sorry for Pip and her family for losing their dog, for Ravi and his family for suffering from the loss of Sal who everyone thought was a murderer, for Andie who despite being a bully and a drug dealer, was really a child neglected and emotionally abused by her father, for Andie’s family who had to suffer from her loss, for Becca who was raped and traumatised by her actions, and for Sal’s friends, as well as, Becca and Elliot, for suffering from the guilt of their actions which led to Andie and Sal’s deaths. I think the author did a great job at writing the characters and about their motives and personal feelings.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Yes the author did such a excellent job with making each person have flaws and struggles. It makes them more human and makes them feel like real characters in our world. I felt bad for all the characters. I was so sad when Pip’s dog died and was also so happy when Ravi and his family finally were able to know that Sal was innocent.

I know that there is a 2nd book. What do u think is going to happen in that one? Do you think Ravi and Pip are going to be romantic involved??

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) The only thing that bothered me that some of Pip’s methods of getting information was wrong. Like trying to break into the Bell’s house and cat fishing Emma.

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Amelie I guess there’ll be a new crime and a new case to solve in the next book. It will probably be interesting as the town will believe what Pip has to say if she investigates the case, since in this book not many people listened to her as they thought Sal was guilty. I think Pip and Ravi will be romantically involved, they were holding hands, they’re very close, and didn’t Ravi kiss her near the end right before her presentation? I really want to read the next book to find out what happens next. I agree that Pip didn’t always do the right thing, and it’s easy to overlook that when you think about what Elliot and Becca did.

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Amelie It’s difficult to pinpoint whose fault Andie’s death really was. Her dad was horrible to her, and that influenced her nasty behaviour. But Elliot should never have slept with her either. I do feel bad for him and Becca for pushing Andie out of the way which led to Andie’s death, and even though it was also Andie’s fault I feel sorry for her too. When Pip confronted Elliot, I actually thought Andie would be alive in the house, and I was disappointed when it was revealed to be a different girl. What did you think about that part?

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) I was shocked that it when it was revealed to us that it was a different girl in the attic, I totally thought it would have been her. I also never expected Becca and Mr.Ward to be the Murders in this book. I mean the investigation throughout the book never really focused on them and so it was unexpected to say the least. I also thought there would only have been one murder, that would have killed both Sal and Andie, and was surprised that there were two.

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Amelie Yeah, I wasn’t too surprised that there were two killers, but I thought they would be working together or something. Even though Becca and Elliot were both interviewed by Pip, I never really suspected them either. It’s kind of sad how everything was accidental, and how Andie’s head injury could have been treated if she seeked help or if people were more worried about her condition rather than their own reputations and how much trouble they’d be in. I guess it shows how people can still do the wrong thing and be flawed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are heartless, as they can still feel remorse and guilt for their actions like Becca and Elliot did.

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Amelie I think the only character who didn’t seem that upset was Max. He really annoyed me. It was cruel of him to take advantage of Becca in her drugged state, and have sex with her, and I’m glad he got arrested for his behaviour. What did you think about Max?

Do you have a favourite character? I think mine would be either Pip or Ravi, they actually make quite a good team!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) I didn’t like Max, from the beginning he seemed like okay but then as the book went on he got Progressive worse. It was so wrong of him to take advantage of Becca, to do drugs and drink while driving.

I think my favorite characters are definitely Pip and Ravi. They work so we together and care a lot about each other.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Progressively*

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Amelie Same! And I like the idea of them being romantically involved, they are such a great match! :)

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Amelie I hope they continue to be partners in crime as well!

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Amelie Do you know any other good murder mystery books? I also really enjoyed One of Us is Lying.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Yes I enjoyed that one as well! I would recommend Truly devious series, I thought it was really well written and makes you want to keep reading.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Also yes I hope they do!!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Would you want to buddy read the 2nd book?? I think it’s called Good Girls, Bad Blood??

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Amelie Yes, I would love to buddy read the next book with you!!

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Amelie When would you like to start? :D

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) What about the 21st??

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Amelie Ok, sounds good! :)

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Okay cool! I’ll create a thread!

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Amelie Thanks! :)

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