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Mimi (wherebookscollide) | 39 comments Mod
Hi, you guys!

Since it's the first day of the read-along, we thought we'd give you a little treat - Simone managed to snag a coveted livestream with Ismée herself at the end of the month! Which means that if there's anything you'd like to ask or share with Ismée about her stellar novel, you will actually get the chance to do so at the end of August!

Drop your questions, comments, whatever you want to share with Ismée down below and we'll get you all the answers you crave!

The date and time of the livestream will be announced in a bit and we hope you guys join in to hear Ismée's chat with us! The more, the merrier :)

P.S. There's also a giveaway heading your way this know...saying...things are going to get interesting ;)

Nicole (foreverbookwandering) yaaaay! sounds awesome!

Simone (books_first_) | 68 comments Mod

We‘re currently figuring out a platform but it’ll happen on the 22nd of August 2pm EDT. That’s 6pm CEST, which means 5pm for our British friends 😘

Simone (books_first_) | 68 comments Mod
Oh and please do post all the questions you have in here.

I‘ll be posting Ismée‘s bio in a couple of days in case you have questions about her work with las musas etc. :)

Mita_rose | 14 comments aa cool!!

Simone (books_first_) | 68 comments Mod
Does anyone have any questions for our fabulous Ismée? 🤗

Mita_rose | 14 comments Okay so I don't use the subway to get to work (we don't even have a subway where I live haha)
But my questions is:
Did you travel by sub to observe people on the trains or did the story and the way people act all come from you and past experiences?

Nicole (foreverbookwandering) How did you come up with the idea to have most of their meetings on the subway and were there any other locations you considered?

Simone (books_first_) | 68 comments Mod
Amazing, guys! Keep them coming ❤️ I can’t wait for the q&a next Saturday!

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Mimi (wherebookscollide) | 39 comments Mod
How did you go about writing the book with these 'glimpses' of Alex and Isa with long stretches of time between their meetings? Did you envision what they were doing apart as much as what they would be up to together?

And: Did you have a dream cast in mind for Alex and Isa while you were writing or did they jump out 'fully formed'?

Also, just for funsies:
What's the weirdest thing that you've witnessed while on public transport?

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