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Librarian Anna (thelibrariananna) | 49 comments Mod
Happy August beautiful readers!

In the spirit of the transformative season Paper & Glam is going through, we're going to try something a little different this month with our Goodreads discussion. In the poll that was sent out last month, most people who voted said they preferred discussion boards that were a combination of one overall chat and boards breaking down the book into more spoiler-filled discussions. So to honor that, I'm going to test that out for our discussion of Maud by Melanie J. Fishbane!

I'm waiting for my copy to come in (should be here next week) to confirm that breaking it out by the 3 parts will work out the best so keep an eye out for those more in-depth threads to come!

So in this thread feel free to chat overall thoughts and experiences with this book, just keep it spoiler free~

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Librarian Anna (thelibrariananna) | 49 comments Mod
Happy Book Club eve, Glam Readers!

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST live on YouTube -->

Here are our discussion questions for Maud:

Ice Breaker - Do you annotate your books or otherwise track your reading? If so, how? If not, any reason why?

1. What was your experience reading Maud and how many 📕 would you rate it?

2. Maud is a fictionalized account of L.M. Montgomery's teenage years as she navigates the choice between her duty and her dreams. Told in 3 distinct parts based on her physical location, what do you think about this episodic structure that is reminiscent of Montgomery's novel titles and how do you think the structure ties in with the themes of purpose, duty, and identity?

3. L.M. Montgomery was a great lover and master of the written word. Are there any passages or scenes that stood out to you as particularly moving or emblematic of the reading and writing life?

4. “This novel takes place while Maud is discovering what it means to be a writer and a woman. During a period where women’s education (let alone being a writer) was considered inappropriate. Maud’s passion, ambition, and dream for education set her apart. She didn’t have the luxury that many women in the Western world have today, of being allowed to choose between ambition and career or love and marriage.”

What do you think it means to be a woman and a professional? What insights about that balance have you discovered?

5. The inspiration for this Paper & Book Club selection was an episode of the 14th episode of the What Should I Read Next? Podcast that discussed L.M. Montgomery’s journals. In the author’s note, these journals are also discussed. Did you find L.M. Montgomery’s record of her life inspiring? Do you to keep a journal or record your days?

6. Do you have any recommendations for the L.M. Montgomery fans who want to know more about her life and times?

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Ana Maggie (anamaggie) | 8 comments I just started reading and I can’t put it down. I can so relate to her burning her journal and wanting to start a new identity.
I did this as a pretty-teen too. And then again in my twenties. Didn’t realize I had a habit of doing this.
I haven’t started back up a journal since. I think I’ll start one.

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