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((Neither do I XD))

The nurse nodded. "His room is 201."

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The nurse looked at her. "Ma'am, we just had Mark come in. He was in a serious wreck, t-boned on his motorcycle."

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The nurse looked back down at her computer and continued to type. "Second floor, first room on the left."

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Mark was heavily bandaged. He was hooked up to several machines and an IV, and he had a cast on his leg. "Hey Juno," he whispered, half-smiling. "Sorry about your bike. Are you okay?"

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((Is the baby okay???))

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"I'm okay," he whispered. He couldn't nod, because his neck was in a brace. "Some drunk t-boned me. I was going on my light, too," Mark whispered. He shut his eyes, wincing slightly in pain. "I'll pay for the bike, get you a new one," he whispered, his breathing light.

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"I'm glad you're okay," he whispered. "You're all I could think about the whole time, from the crash on."

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“I will be. I have to be. For you and Mark Junior,” he teased in a whisper.

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“Let’s go with just Junior for right now,” he laughed softly.

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“I think so,” he whispered. “I blacked out, though, so I’m not sure.”

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“I broke my left leg and one of my ribs,” he whispered. “The rest is all bruised.”

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Mark reached a hand out to hold her hand. “It’s okay, Juno. Really. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

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“I promise,” Mark smiled.

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“As well as I can be,” Mark smiled. “Are you? I hope the morning sickness hasn’t started...,”

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“Juno!” Mark exclaimed, the first time his voice went above a whisper since the accident. He winced, then continued as a whisper. “Can you bring a doctor in here to check you and the baby out? I want to make sure you’re okay, but I want to be there for it.”

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"Thanks, honey," he whispered, smiling at her.

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Mark held his breath most of the time, looking at them.

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"Good, thank you," Mark sighed.

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"She... She, um.... passed away. After my crash," he whispered.

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A couple tears slipped down his face. "She was the last one. My parents, now my grandma. I'm all alone, besides you, Juno...."

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Mark nodded and held her close, gently rubbing her stomach.

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Mark slowly drifted off to sleep as well.

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Mark woke up as well. "You should probably answer that...." he whispered.

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"What?" Mark whispered. "Who was it??"

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Mark frowned slightly. "Why? Why would he do that?"

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"Okay..." he said softly. Mark held out an arm for her, so he could touch her stomach. "Which gender are guessing?"

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"I can't choose either way," Mark smiled. "I'd love either gender." He suddenly gasped. "What if it's twins? Or triplets? We would be in for a roller coaster then," he chuckled.

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"Twins run in the family," Mark laughed. He didn't wince, for once.

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"Don't worry. I've got two arms for a reason," Mark teased.

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"Yes. 100%. As soon as I am all healed, we're having the wedding," Mark promised.

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"Whatever you want," Mark smiled. "I can imagine us having a big one, but also a small one. I'm indecisive," he laughed.

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"My house, of course," Mark smiled. "It's already all paid off. My parents and grandma left me everything they had when they passed, so I'm kind of loaded. We could buy a new house and sell the old one, though, if you want."

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Mark smiled. "Good! We'll just update my house a bit, then live there. It needs a woman's touch."

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"In two days," Mark said. "Then I have this cast and brace on for a couple months at the most, then I'm all good."

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“Yes,” Mark nodded. “Super hungry.”

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"Thanks, Juno," he smiled up at her.

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"Thanks," he smiled. Mark began to eat ravenously.

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((Maybe time skip to when he's released?))

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Mark walked out of the hospital on crutches. He had a cast on his leg and a back brace, but otherwise he was good. “Hey Juno!” He smiled, getting into the car.

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“Hi,” he smiled again. Mark buckled up. “I’m ready to finally go home!”

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Mark laughed. “I’ll finally be able to do whatever I want, instead of laying in that hospital bed.”

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“What do you mean by that?” Mark asked, smirking slightly.

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“Well, I don’t work anyways. I have a bunch of inheritance money, remember?” Mark laughed. “I wouldn’t want to work anyways.”

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"I know," Mark replied. "But I can for a while, at least until I can get through college. Which I plan to start soon."

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He shrugged. "Somewhere close, so I don't have to dorm there. I can just drive there and back to our house everyday. Or I'll do online, I haven't decided yet."

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Mark nodded. "You can do whatever you want. I'll be there for you."

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