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change in the psychologist's pocket

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Rachel the biologist searched through the dead psychologist's pocket and found change, a worry stone, and a note. Why would the author include the detail of one of research team carrying change in their pocket? Why would she be carrying change? To take the bus home? This is a world-breaking detail for me, and this book is full of details and character dynamics that don't make any sense, like the hypnotism stuff - which only makes sense if the project is intentionally inducing psychological stress and distrust among the team members, and that for a scientific expedition, their research is completely haphazard (this bothered me about the movie as well). If as a reader I'm supposed to be disturbed when things are off and strange about Area X, I need to feel that every detail has been thought through and is on the page for a reason and I'm not getting that feeling from this book

Graeme McGregor Sometimes people do inexplicable things. That is definitely a trait of the character of the psychologist, especially in the second novel (Authority).

I believe the hypnotism served two purposes: to keep the expedition members within the control of the psychologist/authorities and to prevent them from freaking out when crossing the border between our world and Area X. This is elaborated upon a little in the second novel, as well. But it made sense to me. The experiment is as much on the expedition members and how they will be affected by Area X as it is an exploration of Area X. By keeping the expedition members otherwise calm and under control, the effects of Area X can be better judged. The only real problem with the hypnotism of Expedition 12 is that, due to contamination, the biologist becomes immune to it.

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