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Amelie | 1106 comments Maja and I will be discussing Fangirl here!

Maja (The Moonlight Reader) (majalovesreading) | 89 comments Yay! I’m so excited 😆 ❤️

Amelie | 1106 comments Same! XD

Maja (The Moonlight Reader) (majalovesreading) | 89 comments It’s like 10 past midnight and I’m meant to be sleeping, but I can’t because it’s too hot, so I started reading it! Thoughts on some of the characters: Cath is nice but need to try to socialise more, Reagan needs to try to melt the block of ice that is her heart, and Levi is an overexcited puppy that needs to calm down a little! 😁 I’m enjoying it a bit, will read more tomorrow! 😊❤️

Amelie | 1106 comments Goodnight! I can discuss with you later!

Amelie | 1106 comments I read the first 10 chapters of the book and I am liking it so far!

I agree that Cath is nice but needs to socialise more, though she is getting a bit better. At first Reagan did seem very cold and unfriendly, but she’s really funny and nice now and I like her a lot. Levi is such a chatterbox, but he is also quite friendly and I really like him. I hope he and Cath will get to know each other better and become closer. I like how Reagan and Levi both look out for Cath all the time, like that time when Reagan dragged her to the cafeteria so she wouldn’t always be eating energy bars. It’s funny how Levi was actually secretly eating Cath’s energy bars! 😂

Amelie | 1106 comments Also, what are your thoughts on Nick? I don’t trust him, he seems kind of dodgy for some reason. I hope he doesn’t steal any of her writing ideas or work they did together. I’m a bit annoyed she’s falling for him, I want her to fall for Levi. 😆 Who do you think she should end up with?

I’m curious to learn more about Cath’s mum and their family situation. She seemed really stressed out when her dad told her he had contacted her. Cath’s dad also seems to be facing several problems when you take into account the way he’s living and his absentmindedness. What do you think about it?

I will read some more tomorrow! :)

Amelie | 1106 comments How are you going with the book? 😊

I’ve read the first 15 chapters so far. I’m curious to see what happens with Cath and Levi’s relationship, and I’m a bit annoyed at Wren for not really thinking about Cath.

Amelie | 1106 comments I’ve just finished the book! I liked it and I was enjoying it at the beginning, but after a while I gradually lost interest, and it was like I was waiting for a special something to happen except it never really did. Maybe I just came in with too many expectations, or perhaps it’s just not my cup of tea. I ended up giving it 3 out of 5 stars. What did you think of the book?

Maja (The Moonlight Reader) (majalovesreading) | 89 comments I actually felt the same about it! It wasn't the best book, I thought it would be better, and it wasn't as great as people told me it would be. It was portrayed as "highly relatable" but for me, it was only a few scarce parts that actually were??? My favourite character was probably either Levi or Professor Piper, and even they kinda annoyed me at times.

Maja (The Moonlight Reader) (majalovesreading) | 89 comments Also, it just didn't flow very well, if you know what I mean? It was very stop-start for me. It would have also been nice if the side characters were given more information on, it felt like they were a little underdeveloped, like "Hey, this is Reagan, she's your roommate, likes partying and talking mean about other people. There you go!" So yeah.

Amelie | 1106 comments I agree! I could relate to Cath’s social awkwardness to some extent, but sometimes she was just so unwilling to socialise and try to improve and that annoyed me. What did you think about the fan-fiction parts in the book? I thought it was a creative thing to incorporate in the story, but I’m not sure if I’ll actually read Carry On, especially if the writing style is going to be similar to this book.

Amelie | 1106 comments I also liked Professor Piper, but I was a little annoyed when she gave Cath a fail for one of her fan-fiction assignments. Do you think fan-fiction is plagiarism? I can’t help thinking that it isn’t since it’s still your own story, it just shares the same universe as someone else’s writing. And all writers are inspired by something in their work, even if it’s the very same universe we live in.

Maja (The Moonlight Reader) (majalovesreading) | 89 comments I'm actually really interested in the "Is fan-fiction plagiarism?" question, me, in particular, I don't think it is (for the same reasons as you do) but I also see why other people think it is. It's like "They're not your characters!" and "It's not your universe!" but it's also "It's a different story!" and such.

Maja (The Moonlight Reader) (majalovesreading) | 89 comments I also don't know if I should read Carry On or not. I have the book, but I just don't know! Will it actually be as good as people say it is, or will it be another case of "You told me it was amazing, but it actually wasn't that great"? Fangirl was my first Rainbow Rowell book, and since I didn't like it that much, I'm unsure about the others.

Maja (The Moonlight Reader) (majalovesreading) | 89 comments Also, when Nick stole Cath's writing for his final and for the prize or something (I can't remember what it was) it just turned him into a major douchebag. I kinda liked him in the beginning, but as the book went on, he just progressed further into the realm of being annoying. And the family situation with Cath's and Wren's mum was underdeveloped for me. There just wasn't enough information? Ok, she left, cool. Then she pops up, and you're expected to know EVERYTHING with being given little to nothing info. I kinda thought a lot of the story could have some more detail, don't you think?

Amelie | 1106 comments Yeah, I was mad at Nick, he pretty much was using Cath the whole time. I also agree that the family situation with Cath’s mum was written quite vaguely. Cath was so mad at her that it made me believe there was more to the story than her just leaving them. I also don’t think it was fair of Wren to judge Cath for not wanting to meet their mother, it wasn’t a selfish move since she had reasons to do that (even though they didn’t explain all those reasons). What did you think about Wren and Cath’s dad? His condition wasn’t explained that well, he just seems to be really forgetful and absentminded and experienced mood swings. I can’t remember if they said what it was?

Amelie | 1106 comments I’m also unsure if I’ll read her other books. I’ve been wanting to read Eleanor & Park for a while and Carry On sounds interesting too, but a lot of people say the writing style is similar and I don’t really want to read another book that’s overrated like this one was. Maybe if I run out of things to read or if I’m in the mood I might give another one of her books a try. I’m still glad I read Fangirl though as it had been on my TBR for a while and there were still some parts of it I enjoyed.

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