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message 1: by Sylvie (new)

Sylvie Dale (sylectra) | 68 comments Mod
Great, so far. It’s really sad, but there is a lot of beauty in the way the main character Sethe sees things.

“When her dreams roamed outside 124, anywhere they wished, she saw them sometimes in beautiful trees, their little legs barely visible in the leaves. Sometimes they ran along the railroad track laughing, too loud, apparently, to hear her because they never did turn around. When she woke the house crowded in on her...”

I looked up the spiritual Paul D was singing and found an interesting article about the cultural purpose of spirituals with some great examples to listen to.

Here is the song from Beloved and the article that mentions it:

Lay my head on the railroad line, Train come along, pacify my mind. If I had my weight in lime, I’d whip my captain till he went stone blind. Five-cent nickel, Ten-cent dime, Busting rocks is busting time.

message 2: by Sylvie (new)

Sylvie Dale (sylectra) | 68 comments Mod
Hi folks! We are coming up to our discussion of Beloved this Thursday at 6:30. I hope you have found it as worthwhile as I did. Beautiful book. As a reminder, if you want to meet online as planned, please RSVP by Thursday Aug. 20 at noon, otherwise you can catch up with me at Three Mugs. :)

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