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Hunt and Bryce
lizzysbooks lizzysbooks Jul 29, 2020 12:33PM
Does anyone else think that Bryce and Hunt are better off friends? I know they are attracted to each other but I didn't feel the chemistry like they did. I like their relationship being platonic, adding romance to their relationship ruins it to me.

I do think that the time frame of their friends to lover relationship is pretty short but I do like them together, they just work for me at least, but I can also see why you prefer them to be just friends

I agree...I hope they continue to develop this relationship deeper in the next book

Well, I agree and don't. I do believe that Hunt's relationship with Bryce went a little fast since he still wasn't over his last lover and was mournful of her throughout the whole book. But whenever they are in a chapter together I squeal so who knows.

Honestly, I know this sounds ridiculous because he’s dead but... I think Bryce and Connor should be together. No rationalization to it, it’s just my personal feeling. I got excited when they were talking in the apartment and when she made that date with him; so needless to say I was Extremely disappointed when he was killed.

Don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely LOVED the book and can’t wait for more!

As for Hunt and Bryce I’m not sure what it is but there’s just something off about them being a couple. But that off-ness might be fixed in the next book with further development of their relationship.

Sarah Same I really loved Bryce and Connor together. So it doesn't sound ridiculous at all because Connor wanted to be with Bryce for longLike everyone of t ...more
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I have mixed feelings about this couple. I loved the healing journey of both of them, but as for the chemistry, sometimes it is there and sometimes not. I've also read A court of thorns and roses from Sarah J. Maas. Comparing their relationship to Feyre and Rhysand's, they're not the kind of couple Sarah writes as endgame. But they've gone through a lot together. If they don't end up with each other, at least I hope that they'll remain friends. I also don't want to see Hunt's character ruined in the coming books. I love Bryce and Hunt on their own, as well as their friendship more than their romance.

i want them to be endgame so badly and really hope that we see some more relationship building in the next book. i do think that it would be good for them to spend some time apart, maybe for bryce to see other people and then hunt can just realize how much he likes her ?? that might be lowkey toxic but i definitely want to see them both grow as characters in the next book. i felt like this first one was a lot of world building so hope we get to see a bit more character stuff.

I can see what you think! I think this is true for a lot of reasons but one of the main ones is because I don't really think they know each other enough to actually be in love with each other yet if you know what I mean? I would expect this to be a problem that would likely be resolved in the next book!

I love the mutual healing and understanding they went through together, but I do not feel them to be the Earth shattering love that Feyre and Rhysand have. I honestly want to see if Ithan and Bryce end up having chemistry together. I think that could end up being a more impactful relationship. Also it does sort of fit that e2l trope that I unabashedly love; who doesn't want to see Hunt versus Ithan?

I liked Hunt but am not in love with him. I think she could have given him a little more personality. He move on pretty fast from his past love considering how much he was still grieving.

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