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Make Room > Make Room in Your Dreams & Desires - Week 2

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Alicia J. (aliciakindlereads) | 85 comments Mod
Post your thoughts on Chapter 2 here.

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Alicia J. (aliciakindlereads) | 85 comments Mod
This chapter was what I really needed to hear. I highlighted so much throughout this chapter. I am in the season where I am calling on God to guide me and waiting on God. When Jonathan talked about making sure our desires and wants align with God's purpose and glorifying the Kingdom, that really stood out to me. At times, we have interests that makes us look better, elevate us, and send people to us, but what we should be doing is making God look better, glorifying Him, and sending people to Christ. Finding the balance on when to wait on God or move in faith is what I am dealing with now.

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