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(Aric's side:

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Ash ran in and took off his shoes, then flopped down on his bed. He laughed, then ran into the bathroom and changed into some fluffy grey pajamas, then came back out and plopped on his bed again. "Okay, what first? Fort, maybe?"

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"Sure," Aric said, changing into black shorts and a T-shirt.

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"Okay," Ash laughed, stretching a blanket between their beds. He crawled under and set up some pillows for support. "You can come decorate!" he called from under the blanket.

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"With what?" Aric asked, adding some more pillows.What are you doing?

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"Pillows, blankets, lights..." Ash shrugged. "Anything to make the inside cozy."

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Aric gave him another few pillows, plus a random string of lights. "Like that?"

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"Perfect!" Ash smiled, finishing up and looking at their work. They had done really well. Ash laid his head on an extra pillow. "I noticed you have a lot of books. Can you read to me?" he asked.

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Aric hesitated. "My powers..." he said, biting his lip.

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"Hm...." Ash thought for a moment. "Could you tell me a story then? Like, make one up?"

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Aric nodded, sitting down next to Ash. He started talking, making it up as he went. The story was fantasy, bordering on outlandish. It had to be. It had to be as far as possible from their world, their reality, because Aric couldn't deal with that. He got lost in the story, forgetting Ash. He lost the voices in his mind, until the only thing he was aware of was what he was saying.

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Ash looked up at him in wonder. Eventually, he ended up with his head on Aric's lap. Ash curled up and slowly fell asleep to the sound of Aric's voice.

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(me being too lazy to actually type out a story)
Aric finished, looking down in shock at Ash's head on his lap. What was he supposed to do? You're lucky. Maybe he'll come to the realization gently. Gradually. Maybe he'll just drift away. That might work.

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(gtg byee)

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(back it's your turn)

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Ash curled up a bit more in his sleep, somehow moving his shoulders onto Aric's lap as well.

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What do I do? Aric thought, going blank. He gently moved Ash onto a pillow, careful not to wake him up. He placed a blanket over him and hesitated a moment. "Good night," he whispered.

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Ash opened his eyes and held out his arms. "Don't go?" he asked hopefully. It was all a ruse! He was never asleep! Such a trickster.

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Aric sighed and settled down next to him. Enjoy it while you can. It won't last. He didn't plan to sleep - he'd summoned the monster in the middle of the night. Even if he didn't bring something to life in his sleep, he usually had dreams filled with howling and crashes and the voices chanting Your fault. So he stayed awake.

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Ash wrapped his arms around Aric and snuggled into his side. He slowly drifted off to sleep, for real this time.

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(time skip? )

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Aric stirred where he was by Ash. He'd gotten maybe three hours of sleep, and had been awake for a long time now. He sat up, intending to get dressed. Shouldn't you leave him? Don't give yourself false hope. Leave him, go down to the school.

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Ash grumbled and stirred in his sleep, grabbing Aric's hand. He slowly began to wake up, taking Aric's palm and kissing it. "Good morning..." he mumbled, still half asleep.

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"Morning," Aric said, blushing at the kiss. Dumbass. Should've taken your chance. Why do you always screw it up?

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Ash sat up, still half asleep. He threw his arms around Aric, his mouth close to his ear. His breath was hot when he spoke. "You'd better get used to this," he mumbled groggily. "I loooove human contact, especially when I'm tired."

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Don't get used to it. It will never last. "You just had a full night's rest and you're tired?" he asked instead, placing a hand on Ash's arm.

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"Mmmmhmmm," Ash hummed, leaning his head on Aric's shoulder.

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"Wake up," Aric murmured, tugging gently at his arm. "You slept for a long time." Must ge nice to have that luxury.

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“Fine...” Ash mumbled, crawling out of the fort. He went to the bathroom and got ready, then came out awake and refreshed. “Ready!” He smiled.

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Aric smiled and went into the bathroom, coming out in jeans and a plain T-shirt. So what now? He gets to know you, and he hates you. And you're just making it worse for yourself.

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The room got a bit hotter around them. “You look cute!” Ash smiled, linking his arm in his. Suddenly, a wave of self consciousness swept over him, and he stepped back. “I, um.... I know I’ve been pretty forward, is that okay with you? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable...”

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"I...don't know," Aric said, nervous. "I mean, I like you," he rushed to say. Idiot, idiot, idiot. Why the hell are you encouraging him? "I just...I'm..." Scared, he wanted to say. Naïve, he wanted to say. Putting you in danger.

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“Adorable? Amazing? My favorite person on the face of the earth? Yes, yes, you are,” Ash smiled. The air in the room got hot again. Ash suddenly leaned in and pecked him on the cheek. “To the mess hall!” He declared, running out.

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Ash flopped onto Aric's bed. "So what's up?"

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Aric sat down, not sure what to say. "I..." he stopped. What could he say? How could he explain that he had to leave Ash to protect him? Because he wasn't good enough, strong enough, smart enough. All he could do was hurt the people he cared about.

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Ash nodded, placing a hand on one of Aric's hands. "It's okay, you can tell me."

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"I can't be with you," Aric forced out, not looking at him. "I can't." He didn't move, just sat there, shaking. He'll find someone better. You deserve this. Worse.

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"Hm.... No. But what's your reasoning behind that?" Ash asked.

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"I could hurt you," Aric snapped. "I could kill you, I killed my family and a group of police officers in my sleep! And even if I didn't, even then, I'm not good enough for you. I don't deserve you. You've barely even met me, there could be someone else who's so much stronger and smarter and better than I am - there is, considering that's not a hard standard to meet - and I could be dead by tonight for all I know, so what point is there in leading both of us on?!" he took a breath. "If you'd gotten closer to me, or gotten to know me better, you would've realized that on your own anyway. So I'm saving us both the time and effort."

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"Aric..." Ash sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. He looked up at him. "I burned down a whole city. I killed thousands of people. So frankly, I'm not concerned with you killing me. I'm more concerned about it being the other way around. And I don't want someone smarter or better or stronger than you. I want you," he sighed. Ash paused. "Why would you be dead by tonight?"

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Aric snapped his mouth shut and turned away, shoulders tense. What did I say? What did I do? The words in his mind were frantic, rushing and fading in a frenzy.

(gtg, night!)

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Ash hugged him. "Aric, you can talk to me..." he whispered.

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"No," Aric said sharply. "I told you, I can't risk getting close to anyone - you can't risk getting close to me."

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Ash stood and glared at him. "Aric," he said softly, anger in his voice. "It's too late. I already care. You're being selfish!" His voice was slowly rising to a yell. "Can't you think about someone other than you for once?!? Think about what I want!! CARE ABOUT ME!!!"

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"I DO!!" Aric screamed, shooting up. "I care! Why do you think I'm pushing you away?! I care about you, and I can't risk it! You can't risk it either! I'm trying to make sure that I never hurt anyone again! And the closer you are to me, the worse it is. You could find someone so much better - you deserve someone so much better than me!!! How is it selfish to try to give you what you deserve?! Because I sure as hell don't deserve anyone like you!" Something was stirring in one of his books, slowly clawing its way out of the pages. Aric didn't notice, too focused on Ash. There were tears streaming down his face.

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Ash was crying at this point too, the air around them cold. "It isn't your place to decide what I do or don't deserve, Aric. I should be able to choose who I love. You're taking that away from me..." he whispered.

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