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Cheryl Coppens | 374 comments This is Kiese Laymons memoir from about age 9 until he is an adult and professor at Vassar. Laymon tells his story of a black man born and raised in Mississippi to "you". The you is his mother. Laymon grows up an obese child and young adult to a highly educated mother who wants and expects the best from him. Heavy is not only Laymons weight, but the challenges of growing up black in the deep south along with the expectations of others, and the horrible things he suffered such as physical and sexual abuse, and family addictions (including his own addictions to food and gambling). He shares it all the good, the bad, and the ugly. Having no experience with this I feel unqualified to really discuss the book. I'm feeling there are large parts of it I need to read again and process. The book was hard to read and the story a painful one, but an important one that needs to be heard. I highly recommend it.

Meli (melihooker) | 3496 comments I loved this book, but as you mentioned it is very painful to read at time, most times.

If you interested, there is a great interview with Kiese Laymon on The Stacks podcast.

I felt like it offered some good insight into his process and what he was trying to accomplish with his book.

Cheryl Coppens | 374 comments Thanks Meli, I will check it out. The book is a great book, but so out of my element.

Meli (melihooker) | 3496 comments I think this is a totally new way of memoir that we are starting to see by a young new wave of authors so you are not alone in it being out of your element.

Shay D. Potter (shaydpotter) | 1 comments OMG! This audiobook is ah-may-zing!!! Right off the rip. I can't stop listening. The poetry. The visuals. The feelings the words conjure. I hope this continues...On Chapter 1...

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