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message 1: by Avneet (new)

Avneet | 12 comments Mod
Hey everyone!

The first book has been decided which means we will also begin having discussions soon! We need everyone to reply to the "Introduction" discussion topic for two reasons:
1) So that we can all get to know each other
2) So that we know that everyone is able to see and respond to discussions! And if someone is not able to, we can sort it out before the book discussions begin!!

If you have any issues with posting, please reply to THIS topic so everyone can see and if you do not have any issues posting please also reply with how you posted so anyone that does have any difficulties can find a solution!

Thanks and looking forward to our first book club discussion!!

message 2: by Avneet (new)

Avneet | 12 comments Mod
You will need to be on a computer to be able to make posts on Goodreads! The phone app isn't that great and for some reason does not let you post through it. So if you're having difficulties, try that!

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