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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 392 comments Mod
Make your students here! You can have 3! Here's a template!

AGE (14-18):

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 392 comments Mod
NAME: Lacey Moreland
AGE (14-18): 16
GENDER: Female
PERSONALITY: Brave, loyal, goofy, shy
DESCRIPTION: Blonde hair, dark blue eyes. Average height, blue star earrings, cropped tops
BACKSTORY: dad died due to cancer when she was 4, been living with mum ever since, but she travels a lot for work, so her aunt comes over to look after her.
OTHER: She likes drawing and running.

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) NAME: Evangeline Green
AGE (14-18): 16
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual (straight)
PERSONALITY: An introvert, respectful, loyal, friendly, kind, generous.
DESCRIPTION: Black hair, brown eyes, pale skin, tall but not too tall, simple clothing but no skirts, no makeup and glasses.
BACKSTORY: Mom and dad are always out of town because they are lawyers, so she is stuck taking care of her smaller brother most of the time and is very responsible.
OTHER: She loves playing the piano and tennis. She is a topper at her school

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 392 comments Mod
I love her! She's approved!

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Tiffany I hope I don't sound mean, but doesn't Evangeline seem a little too . . . perfect? I mean, she's respectful, loyal, friendly, kind, generous, "tall but not too tall", and is very responsible. Just making an observation, I'm not trying to criticize Saumya as a person.

Here's mine:
NAME: Morgan Rhodes
AGE: 17
GENDER: Gender fluid (They/them pronouns)
PERSONALITY: A bit weird, rebellious, and rude, but considerate and compassionate
DESCRIPTION: I don't like including physical descriptions.
BACKSTORY: Although I'm a writer, I suck at backstory. I suppose they have a supportive family.
OTHER: Always in trouble; writes poetry.

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 392 comments Mod
I love them! I love the little rebellious part! Approved!

OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) Tiffany wrote: "I hope I don't sound mean, but doesn't Evangeline seem a little too . . . perfect? I mean, she's respectful, loyal, friendly, kind, generous, "tall but not too tall", and is very responsible. Just ..."

Oh, I totally understand what you mean. Evangeline I think is a little perfect but I wanted to try someone like that. But she is an introvert and really shy. She does not like to socialise. And her love life is bad. I hope that is better... If you want, I can totally create another character though...

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Tiffany No, I'm absolutely not trying to boss you around, Saumya, I just noticed that she seemed a bit more perfect than the average person. Okay, now I see what you had in mind.

OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) No, I understand what you mean and don't worry, we're cool ;)
(BTW, I like your character :))

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Tiffany Oh, thanks.

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Jatan  Kaur (jatan2612) | 65 comments Name: Asena Blades
Age: 16 years
Gender: female
Sexuality: pansexual
Personality: too much of an introvert, book nerd, curious about things but doesn't give a damn about people, has trust issues, likes to keep things to herself
Description: brown and curly hair, dark brown eyes, wears glasses, moderately tall, long legs, golden brown skin, no makeup, hoodies and jeans
Backstory: Dad from Britain and mum from India. An immigrant from London new to the school. Has a messed up family.
Other: loves to write stories and sings very well.

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 392 comments Mod
I love her and I really sympathies for her! She's approved!

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 392 comments Mod
I love making characters, don't know why.

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Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 392 comments Mod
NAME: Nick Powell
AGE (14-18): 16
PERSONALITY: Loyal, mysterious, helpful, curious, sometimes moody
DESCRIPTION: Charcoal black hair (at the front, some stands fall over his forehead and just read his eyes), emerald green eyes, likes to wear baggy and black clothes
BACKSTORY: He was adopted when he was 10 by a lovely couple, he sometimes works in a car garage for extra money for himself and just for something to do, he likes to work out (it helps him deal with anger and stress)
OTHER: He doesn't usually fall in love but there is always that one girl that can stun him.

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Lizzie Stone NAME: Shayla Tanners
AGE (14-18): 16
GENDER: Female
PERSONALITY: She likes to read, not very athletic but likes to run, and everyone calls her a nerd
DESCRIPTION: Has black glasses, black hair, brown eyes, and wears jeans and normally cute t-shirts
BACKSTORY: Her family is pretty normal, both parents and kids are always mean and say she's lucky, She has always gotten good grades in school and actually enjoys it most of the time.
OTHER: She also likes writing fun stories but those are just for fun

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Lizzie Stone is mine approved? It's been a little while.

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) Approved. I love her!

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OmniscientPerson (saumyashinde) NAME: Jackson Deveaux
AGE (14-18): 16
PERSONALITY: Brave, Strong, Friendly, generous, smart, optimistic.
DESCRIPTION: Blue eyes, black hair, straight nose, tall.
BACKSTORY: His mom and dad are divorced. Dad got another wife, mom is always getting drunk and crying over her problems at a bar. His dad has responsibility for him but wants him to be a software developer, while he wants to be a basketball player.
OTHER: A basketball player, smart in studies, loves to sing and paint, plays Karate.

message 19: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Well, I approve him. I'm assuming that any mod, not just Keira, can do the approving?

message 20: by Keira (new)

Keira (lovetoreadthrillers) | 392 comments Mod
Yeah that's fine.

message 21: by amia (new)

amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) Name: Ruby Dang
Age: 14
Gender: female
Sexuality: heteroflexible asexual
Personality: tsundere type, just wants to fit in, nice, popular, helpful
Description: black hair usually in long braid down her back, brown eyes, her makeup gives her face a blue-ish tint, always seen with a black coat and boots
Backstory: lives with her parents and older brother, when she was in middle school she used to be a bully, when the other bully girls who were her “friends” started making fun of her she realized bullying was mean and made new real friends

message 22: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany I approve her! I like her backstory.

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Aleya | 20 comments Name: Audrey
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: straight
Personality: funny, brave, smart, ambitious, inspired, kindish.
Description: a little taller than average, sweet smile, eyes like the clouds, medium thickness dirty blond hair (goes down to mid back.) wares a lot of neutral colors.
Backstory: didn’t have many friends until 6th grade. And now is supper appreciative of the people around her and the stuff she has.

message 24: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany I approve her (but doesn't she seem a bit perfect? Never mind, a lot of the characters here seem a bit perfect.)

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katie ❀ (whisperngpages) Name - Naomi Zeela
Age - 16
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Pansexual
Personality - Persistent, reckless, manipulative, two-faced
Description - Naomi has a short bob of black hair with streaks of bright pink. She has purple eyes with flecks of gold, and dresses in crop tops, yoga pants, and oversized sweaters. 5' 2."
Backstory - Is an only child, her father is an alcoholic and her mother is out all the time. She takes care of herself, and has a few close friends.
Other - Graffities public buildings, loves cake, allergic to coffee, Latinx

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katie ❀ (whisperngpages) And Tiffany, I agree. A lot characters seem too perfect. And most are straight.

Matt (Custom Pop Form) Name-Matthew Walker



Personality-Witty, but is a good liar, and a con man. He is loyal, and makes friends easily. He is goofy, and is slightly crazy, always doing weird things.

Description-He is five feet, eleven inches, and has shoulder length brown hair. A streak of his hair is dyed blue, and he usually wears it undone or in a ponytail. He has green eyes, and a scar on his eyebrow, that leaves a small bare space between the hair on either end. He dresses in cargo shorts, either a forest green, or camo, and regular t shirts.

Backstory-He is an orphan, and was bounced around between foster homes, before he finally ran away and started living in the basement of the public library.

Other-Likes rock and roll, and is usually wearing headphones, that play rock from the sixties though nineties. He despises music of today, and his favorite food is Cheese Doodles.

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