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message 1: by Margret, Caladan Brood Face (new)

Margret | 3170 comments Mod

Esrat_ reads | 39 comments How does a thread exactly work?

Charlie (charlieridley) | 4515 comments We just post our comments and thoughts as we read so we can discuss the book :). I usually like to post every few chapters or so, some people post more, some less, it's personal preference.

I've finished the first 2 chapters (view spoiler)

Esrat_ reads | 39 comments (Spoiler) I'm also rooting for Cal and Mare and have been even when Mare was engaged to Maven. There was always something suspicious about him. The rebellion also seems a bit suspicious to be honest

Esrat_ reads | 39 comments @charlie When do you plan to finish the book?

Charlie (charlieridley) | 4515 comments @Esrat it'll probably take me about a week to get through I imagine.

Up to chapter 8 and you were right about the rebellion being suspicious (view spoiler)

Esrat_ reads | 39 comments I am a slow reader and I wish I could be faster and read more books lol but wow congrats in the amount you have read so far @charlie

Charlie (charlieridley) | 4515 comments No worries, take your time, I'll be here to chat whenever you read more :)

Charlie (charlieridley) | 4515 comments 13 chapters in (view spoiler)

Esrat_ reads | 39 comments Chapter 25 (spoiler)
The bulk of the book now has been about recruiting newbloods and training them. However, Cameron seems to be very problematic. There are too many lives at risk and Maven is so much more cruel than I expected him to be. He branded and scarred Mare, how heartless.
(end of spoilers)

message 11: by Charlie (last edited Aug 06, 2020 06:52AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Charlie (charlieridley) | 4515 comments @Esrat to hide the spoilers you can use < not ( around the word Spoiler so it'll look like this, without the spaces:

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Insert text here, blah blah blah.

< / Spoiler >

Charlie (charlieridley) | 4515 comments 17 chapters in (view spoiler)

Esrat_ reads | 39 comments I finished the book just last night and I was an emotional roller coaster to day the least. So much happens for sure

Charlie (charlieridley) | 4515 comments @Esrat did you enjoy it? I'm still reading, up to chapter 20 now and (view spoiler)

Esrat_ reads | 39 comments Yes I did like the book, although some of the plots and scenes were very disturbing. How are you liking the book?

(view spoiler)

Charlie (charlieridley) | 4515 comments @Esrat I agree completely about Maven.

I'm finished! (view spoiler)

Esrat_ reads | 39 comments (view spoiler)

Charlie (charlieridley) | 4515 comments Ha wow, you flew through it! I've for high hopes it's good then!

Esrat_ reads | 39 comments whenever I start a series, I feel the need to finish it. I can't control myself lol unless the books are absolutely disappointing. Let me know when you start the next book and I'd like to join and re-read with you!

Charlie (charlieridley) | 4515 comments Will do! Probably some time next month.

Esrat_ reads | 39 comments Whenever you're ready! :)

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