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*·˚elizabeth*·˚  | 171 comments here we are going to be discussing the shadow and bone trilogy!!

Rheanna (goodreadscomuser_rheanna) I’ve already read the series but I was wondering if I could discuss it with you?

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Lisa (lizaland) | 82 comments Sure

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) | 1428 comments I'm planning to read it soon!

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Lisa (lizaland) | 82 comments Okay so I finished the first six chapters and it's pretty good

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Lisa (lizaland) | 82 comments I am liking the characters especially Alina and the Darkling

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Lisa (lizaland) | 82 comments and the Ghisha universe is definitely interesting

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Lisa (lizaland) | 82 comments okay I finished the book last night

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Lisa (lizaland) | 82 comments we can discuss when u finish it

*·˚elizabeth*·˚  | 171 comments i've read few chapters but i'll try to finish before the month is over

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Lisa (lizaland) | 82 comments Okay no problem

*·˚elizabeth*·˚  | 171 comments i've read the 66% of the book and this is what i think so far:

-I feel like the book has no plot, it's only about a girl who discovers her powers and moves to a fancy castle, so now she trying to get used to this new life.

-I can't connect with Alina, so if something happens to her I wouldn't care. I just feel that she isn't relatable or interesting.

-When I started the book I was expecting to see some Mal and Alina moments, but instead we got Alina and Darkling moments. I started liking Mal because I thought he had potential to be the only relatable character, so I'm kinda disappointent seeing that he's not adding anything to the story.

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Lisa (lizaland) | 82 comments Mal comes into the story pretty late as an active character
But i think we will get more of Mal and Alina moments from the second book
I didn't dislike this book but I think it could have been better

*·˚elizabeth*·˚  | 171 comments same, i just think the book was fine. i'm missing less than 30 pages to finish it, sorry that it took me so long

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