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message 1: by Guillermina (new)

Guillermina (plumaypapel) | 3 comments Have you read any of the books in the boys' shelves? What did you think?

message 2: by Guillermina (new)

Guillermina (plumaypapel) | 3 comments I'll start, I picked Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson for Reading Rush. I only read a bit, it is very dense (I'm ESL and reading it in English) but I can absolutely see why Namjoon read it

message 3: by Saudah (new)

Saudah | 8 comments I have read the Notes last year
I want to reread it before this August

message 4: by Saudah (new)

Saudah | 8 comments I also read Into the magic shop which was really beautiful

message 5: by Nhung (new)

Nhung Nguyễn (toridotoji) | 5 comments Demian is a bit difficult to understand but it's good

message 6: by Demian (new)

Demian (therealmsof) I have read Demian and The Unbearable Ligthness of Being. Both are really good. But the latter was a difficult to read because I was new to author's style.

message 7: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 0 comments I've read a few of Namjoon's shelf/recommendations and enjoyed them a lot. He has a good taste.

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