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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Young couple rent Bram Stoker's apartment, the man goes missing, short story, 2000-10, spoilers ahead

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Lonna Seibert | 1 comments I'm looking for a short story published in a ghost and/or horror anthology. probably read it between 2000-2010. I think the writer of the story was a woman, but I'm not sure. In the story, a young woman and her boyfriend rent an apartment where Bram Stoker once lived. She stays in the apartment to make pizza while he goes out to buy wine. She burns herself while making the pizza. After a long while she realizes her boyfriend should have been back and eventually she goes to look for him. The place is unfamiliar, of course, and she gets lost. I think it is also very foggy or misty outside. Eventually she finds her way back home and someone keeps knocking on the door of the apartment but every time she goes to the door, there is no one there. Another man in the building who is out on the landing tells her its Mischief Night and kids are probably knocking and then running away. I believe she goes out again, still trying to find the missing boyfriend. I'm not clear on the ending, but I think it must turn out that she died at some point and didn't realize it and that the knocking she heard on the door was herself trying to get back inside.

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