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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fiction by Indian Author featuring an Indian girl adopted by a family in Norway returning to make a movie of a holy Indian town

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message 1: by Shiraz (new)

Shiraz Bharmal | 2 comments This book is an intersecting tale about:

1. A girl who is brought up in an Indian ashram headed by an abusive Guru, is eventually adopted by a Norwegian or Scandinavian family, returns to India to make a movie about the holy city (where she thinks the ashram was located) but, in reality, hoping to get a closure about her childhood.

2. Three old ladies travelling by train without their husbands for the first time as an adventure, to the same holy place and encounter the girl in the train in the same compartment. One of the ladies (Lata, I think) seriously wants to make the pilgrimage but is suffering from dementia, another cynical one is there just to enjoy the adventure.

3. The tour guide hired by the three ladies who is grappling with his sexuality and attraction to a teenage "tea" boy

4.The cinematographer accompanying the girl who turns out to be the son of one of the ladies with whom he does not communicate regularly. He ends up attempting to assault the girl but is thwarted by her.

The book was probably published in 2018 or 2019 or thereabouts.

message 2: by Shiraz (new)

Shiraz Bharmal | 2 comments The book is "Sleeping on Jupiter" written by Anuradha Roy and published in 2015.

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