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Grace (g-swizzel) | 40 comments Mod
2nd - Books You Were Spoiled For:
Could have been hinted at and give you a prediction that eventually came true or it could have just been straight out spoiled for you. Talk about those painful experiences.

9th - Book Tropes You Hate
16th - Book Tropes You Love
The above are self-explanatory. I'm excited to see what you bring forward as all opinions differ in this area.

23rd - Authors You Own The Most Books From:
This could be a favourite author, an author who writes a lot, or both!

30th - Autumn/Spring Reads:
A new season is approaching!
If you're from the Northern Hemisphere, share your Autumn Reads, and if you;'re from the Southern Hemisphere, share your Spring Reads!

Don't forget to share your links down below!

message 2: by Zoe (new)

Zoe | 7 comments Books I was spoiled for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlFhA...

message 3: by Abbey (new)

Abbey (abbeyleecthebooklover) | 19 comments Here are the books I was spoiled for

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Kat Mullen | 10 comments I've moved my posts over to my blog to participate more, so here's my Book Tropes I Love~ https://stars-and-embers.com/2020/08/...

Mishelly loves  (mishellyloves) | 9 comments heres my authors I have the most of video! (i forgot to post last weeks video too!

Heres tropes I love

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Star  Reads  YA | 1 comments favorite authors that I have alot of books from

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