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Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Hi! Me and a_strange_bookworm are going to be discussing Words in the Deep Blue!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) So how many chapters do you wanna read each day?? If I counted correctly there are 34 chapters.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Oops I just realized I spelled the title wrong. Smh

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Yeah that works!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Not yet. I still have like ten chapters. I’m behind sorry.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Alright so I just finished! What do you think so far?
I’m really enjoying the story, and the characters they are really interesting and full of so much depth! I love the letter library, it’s such a cool idea and I love reading all the letters people leave in them.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) That’s a interesting thought that Amy could have prevented Henry from getting the letter. I never thought of that! Yeah, Cal did seem so genuine and I feel so bad that he died. I don’t trust Martin either, he is kind of suspicious. Do you think Rachel and Henry would be a good couple?

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Me too! I keep thinking it may be Martin even though the mysterious letter guy said he wasn’t.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) I also hate that they are selling the book shop. I mean it’s apart of their family and they all love it so much. I mean love is much more better than money.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) I also hate how Henry is so desperate for Amy. He far better off without her. Like he should just move on because she just doesn’t seem like a genuine person.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Yeah George did say that so that makes me thinks it Martin because Martin got really embarrassed when George got mad that he kissed her.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Yes Rachel does not reverse to get her heart broken. She has already been through so much pain and suffering.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Yes I totally agree! Henry deserves someone better who will actually care about him!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Ikr like I feel so bad for her. I feel the same about Henry.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) ME TOO!!!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Me too! I was so sad. :(

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Okay I may not get to read until later. I have to study for my SAT but I will most likely read the chapters later today.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Okay I just finished studying, so I'm going to start reading now. :)

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Okay I’m on page 180, and I just read the part where George thinks it’s cal and that broke my heart.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Also I felt so bad for Henry and Martin when they got tied up to the poles naked. Like that is so embarrassing, and Amy and Her boyfriend are soooo rude!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) It just shows that Amy is not a nice person because Amy literally stood by when this all went down. It shows that she was never meant for Henry.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) I just think it’s kinda messed up because George thinks Cal wrote the letter and when she learns Cal is dead, I think it’s going to break her heart.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Yessss I know right!!! how rude of a person to be a bystander and NOT do anything.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) No not yet. And me too!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) I’m going to resume reading now. I’ll check back in once I finish.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) I finished!!!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) I thought the ending was really sweet and cute. I felt so bad for George that it ended up being Cal. They would have been so cute together. I’m glad that Henry and Rachel got together! They care about each other so much and fit together perfectly! I was kinda sad when they sold the bookshop, but I thought it was really cool how they put the letter books into the other shops so other people could see the messages.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) IKR!! It broke my heart into two!! If George ends up finishing someone else he better treat her like Cal did!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Finding*

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) I don’t know how to feel about Henry though. Half the time I wanted to be mad at him and the other times I wanted to hug him.

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) YES I KNOW RIGHT!!!


Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Me too!!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Yes they are!

Maddie (Inking & Thinking) Yes it was!!!

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