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The Chimera Retribution
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Abhinav Singh (scribblerabhinav) | 5 comments Hey folks.
I’m requesting a review interest for my new thriller fiction release of 2020 :- The Chimera Retribution. I’d have loved to give the print books but they are a problem due to the COVID situation.
I do promise to gift the print books with customised gifts 🎁 to the first ten reviewers showing interest ( after the situation improves and print books are launched) Anywhere in India.
A brief introduction to the book is given bellow
What if, the entire human race were a means to an end? What if, our existence is an outcome of experimentation and intervention, that went on for millennia? What if, our governments know about it and they are playing with human lives? What if, there are elements of control, hidden deep within our genes, that humans can never unlock to reach their full potential?
An ongoing clandestine archaeological expedition, near the Kailasa temple, Ellora, is attacked. All participants killed, except one - A twenty one year old girl, named Vishakha Dutta.
She comes to realize that it’s not just the bad guys, but the Indian Intelligence, the SETI and the CIA are after her and she doesn’t know why. How much time does she have before her luck runs out?
She has no other choice, but to run for her life.
But running isn’t just enough when the entire state of Maharashtra or maybe even the whole country, is about to implode in a civil war.
Time is running out and encoded deep inside of her, is the key to all answers.

message 2: by Kaushani (new)

Kaushani (kaushanim) | 5 comments I'm interested!

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Abhinav Singh (scribblerabhinav) | 5 comments Happy to see your response. Please share a mail ID that you use with Amazon so that I could send you a gift card for the book

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Abhinav Singh (scribblerabhinav) | 5 comments Or you can send a message to my ID -

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Kaushani (kaushanim) | 5 comments Hi, my email id is

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Sb Paul (shynoscafeandblog) | 8 comments Hi

Ganesh Subramanian | 11 comments Hello, my email id is

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