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Have you ever loved a book you know you shouldn't?
John Calia John Jul 25, 2020 08:13AM
I loved Bel Canto by Ann Patchett. For me, it's the best story of how people form bonds with one another I've ever read. So, I picked up (or rather downloaded) The Dutch House hoping for the same experience despite my wife's warning: "Boring!" But I loved it. I couldn't put it down. But here's the thing: nothing really happens. It's a first person telling of the life of one man from boyhood to parenthood that has a few remarkable events but nothing that rises the usual level of melodrama present in most modern novels. Have you had that experience? Have you ever loved a book you know you shouldn't?

I LOVED this book because nothing happens but it still feels so intimate and keeps you reading it to the end. Even better, if you listen to the audiobook it's narrated by Tom Hanks and he adds a little bit of magic to the writing I think.

I enjoyed the story The Dutch House by Ann Patchett but wouldn't put in my bookshelf to read again.
Did the same things with the Henna Artist...enjoyed it but it left me hanging. I like finishing a book and wanting more of the same characters.

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