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C.M. Fray (cmfray) | 2 comments Greetings from Vanyar, beta readers. I am in search of willing critiquers.

I have twenty-nine chapters ready for beta. The book is titled ‘Vanyari Instinct,’ and is book one of the Vanyar Chronicles. It is a high-fantasy thriller, free of sexual fantasies and self-insertion. These chapters make up approximately 20% of the book. It is written with an omniscient third-person perspective, in the past tense.

Here is a short blurb:
Amid the invasion of Nyoran, Faemir is given a taste of freedom from life as a soldier, but he could not have anticipated the cost to finally obtain it. Against strange odds and the wrath of vicious gods, Faemir must learn the truth about his world, and how to save it. But, who can you trust if everyone knows your name, and wants to claim what you possess?


Please drop your email in the box below if you would like me to share this world with you. Thank you for your time and consideration!

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Herm Batt | 27 comments send me the first 2 chapters.

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