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message 1: by Andrea (new)

Andrea | 10 comments Hi! I’m looking for a critique partner for my first novel: Run and Hide (81K). I'd love to read yours as well. I've been a beta reader before, but I think being on the side of the author has helped me hone my beta reading skills. I'm not perfect, but hopefully I will grow as both a reader and a writer through this.

As for Run and Hide, I've self-edited this three times, and I know there’s still a lot more work to be done. I’m looking for any feedback you can give. Please email me at if you’re interested in swapping. Thank you.

Growing up, Ivan Kakovich always heard his parents died protecting their intelligence agency, the International Specialists Organization (ISO). But when he finds out the truth about their deaths, he knows he can no longer stay. Reaching out to a foreign intelligence agency, he bargains his knowledge of ISO for protection.

Wealthy, entitled, and expected to uphold appearances, Ashley Dobrescu fights for her own path. Shunning the jewels, ballgowns, and dressage lessons, she joins the United Republic Intelligence Agency (URIA), quickly rising as a top agent and pilot. When a call for protection in exchange for knowledge comes, URIA sends Ashley and her team to get the asset home.

Betrayal, deceit and lies war with trust as Ivan and Ashley work together to escape. As they’re on the run, they learn how to trust and even how to love.

message 2: by David (last edited Jul 25, 2020 12:29PM) (new)

David Octavian (inziko) | 58 comments Hi Andrea - Let me know if you're interested in swapping your work for a Dark Fantasy novel. It's 152k words but I can only send you the first 81k (same length as your story) if you wish. Kindly see below info and let me know via PM/reply (although I may notice that less easily) /email at if you're interested. Thanks. :)

Genre: Adult Dark Fantasy with Mystery and Horror elements.
Keywords: Prophecy, Kingdom, Mysticism, Dark, Atmospheric

Caleb - a mercenary with a mysterious past - escapes from his prison inside a high dark tower and is tasked with retrieving a long-lost journal which is the last hope for the salvation of his world threatened by a dark prophecy.

I can provide feedback on characters (voice, consistency, personality), worldbuilding (setting, description, exposition), plot, writing style and flow of story.

message 3: by Joanna (new)

Joanna | 15 comments Hi Andrea
Let me know if you are still looking for a swap partner. My book is sci-fi and 110k words. Like you I’ve gone over my own novel a few times and would like a fresh pair of eyes to fill in plot holes.

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