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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Young adult book- 90's - popular high school boy called Aiden dies young and goes to heaven but returns on a mission as temporary guardian angel to help an unpopular girl who went to his school. [s]

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Ak | 2 comments I read this in the 90s's, possible around 1999. This book is about a boy called Aiden who dies young but is sent back on a mission to earth to help a girl he went to high school with but was not friends with. She was unpopular, considered unnatractive etc, whereas he was popular and goodlooking. He comes back temporarily to help her with some things in her life as she has a lot of issues regarding her home life, family, etc. He ends up seeing how beautiful she is on the inside and how she has had a really rough time of it, and he regrets not realising any of this when he was alive. She meets him and thinks he's a real person...aka alive..but doesn't recognise him as being someone from her school...in the end he does help her with her problems in life, and whilst doing this he helps himself grow spiritually too. He also falls in love with her, but has to go back to heaven and knows that she will forget him due to God making her forget she met him consciously once he departs. He leaves once his mission is complete and goes back to heaven, bittersweet, but happy he has helped her. The cover had him standing or sitting in the clouds I think. But not sure about that but. Any help would be greatly appreciated - I would love to re-read this book :)

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Ak | 2 comments Rainbowheart wrote: "Angel Face"

thank you so much!! :) I have just purchased a copy. yay!

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Rainbowheart | 19683 comments Welcome, glad to help out!

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