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message 1: by Skilly (new)

Skilly Dragonna | 6 comments So, she tweeted today asking something along the lines of who are the characters in either the Anita-verse or Merry-land who we miss the most and it was all I could do to not reply “the plot of the books”
I made myself not comment because I don’t want her to block me from reading her tweets but I did like some of the comments that said “storyline” in a gentler way with more tact than I possess.
I do kind of miss the Merry storylines because I am a fan of things fey, but she messed that up a long time ago.

message 2: by Dianne (new)

Dianne (dianne1) I miss Merry and her world. I don't know if I would want to read any more about her now. I think that series should RIP. The multiple sex partner's worked in this series and it never did in Anita's books. (at least as far as I'm concerned)

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