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Torrin walked in.

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Torrin got his boba, and headed for his work at the club.

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Aria walked in, getting a matcha milk tea with cheese foam.

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Torrin walked in and ordered mango boba.

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Adrien followed, smiling, and ordered strawberry boba.

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Torrin found a table and sat down. He mumbled incoherently about the price of the boba.

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Adrien slid into a seat across from him. "I can pay for the boba, if you want me to," he smiled. He eyed his own boba warily.

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Torrin shrugged. “It’s okay.” And took some money out of his pocket to pay for the both of them. He sat down and drank his boba.

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Adrien frowned slightly. "Next time, I'm paying," he said sternly, then looked at his boba suspiciously. Adrien took a drink, his face scrunching in surprise.

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“Well?” Torrin said, trying to hide his surprise when Adrien said, “Next time”. He took a sip of his boba, and chewed on his boba. It was an interesting feeling.

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Adrien slowly chewed, then swallowed. "It's.... weird, but in a good way. It's really tasty!" he smiled, taking another drink.

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“Exactly. The boba doesn’t taste like anything, yet it is sweet.” Torrin took another sip. “They should make a baking show out of this.”

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“It would be fun to judge.” He added.

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"It would be," Adrien laughed, drinking more of his drink. "So, where do you live?"

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“In a place near here.” Torrin said vaguely. He didn’t like showing off his wealth.

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Adrien laughed. "So... if you're not going to tell me..." he said, struggling to contain his laughter. "I'll just have to assume you live in a box under a bridge."

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Torrin almost smiled, a rare thing. “I guess you will.”

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Adrien laughed. "I actually don't have anywhere to live yet, so I suppose your cardboard box is better than nothing."

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This time, Torrin cracked a smile. “I guess so. Do you need help finding a house?”

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Adrien smiled back. "That'd be great, if you're offering."

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“I know some people.” Torrin out his elbows on the table. “But you can’t just give out these numbers.” His smile was gone, and he was back to his menacing self.

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Adrien leaned in slightly, acting all secret-like. "Of course," he whispered. "I promise, your secret is safe with me."

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Torrin leaned in a bit more and took his shades off to reveal his black eyes. “I’m not kidding though.”

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Adrien's eyes widened and he nodded slowly, his mouth slightly open and his breath taken away.

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Torrin leaned back and put his shades back on. “Sorry about that. Now what were you looking for? Bungalow, Apartment, Condo, Cave, whatever.” His moods switched almost instantaneously.

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Adrien blushed and looked away. "It's alright," he mumbled. He took a sip of his boba, collecting himself, then looked back up at Torrin and smiled. "Anything will do," he shrugged. "I was just hoping for a roommate."

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“I have a h-” He stopped himself before he said more. “I have a penthouse that has a spare room. Would you like to live in it?”

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(( Sorry for the late reply ))

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((It's all good))

Adrien blushed and looked away, attempting to regain his composure. He looked back at Torrin, still slightly red, and smiled. "Sure! I'd love to live in your cardboard box with you," he teased.

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Torrin didn’t know why he was blushing. (( my bois not good with feeling ))
“Yeah, watch out for splinters.” He joked.

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"More like paper cuts," Adrien laughed.

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“True. Wanna visit it now? We can have boba there and you can decorate, I guess.” Torrin shrugged.

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"Okay!" Adrien smiled, getting up. "Lead the way! I'll grab my suitcase on the way over."

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“Okay. And it might not be what you’re expecting...” Torrin trailed off, but shook it off. He left with Adrien, taking his hand to lead the way. He didn’t know if that was awkward or not, he just did it by impulse.

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Adrien smiled up at him and squeezed his hand lightly, following him.

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Aria got up, taking her bubble tea with her, and left.

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