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Kirie He peered down, watching the cop cruiser zoom past the alley with it's siren blaring. A toothy grin stretching his features as he finished the climb to the four story roof top. The second he stood a gust of wind tore his hood from his head and released a messy mopp of slithering coils. Each indivdial snake head hissing up an angry storm from the abrupt exposure to the element. Tobias inhaled and began to roll his shoulders, music blaring from the buds in his ears. Dancing the last of daylight in eager anticipation to the bustling nightlife below.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Jasmine and Snow sat on a ledge slightly higher then Tobias was, they were still encased in Stone but they would be free to fly soon.

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Kirie Final countdown. He swayed as the sun fell just behind the city skyline, the dusk rising. 3...2...1 "Good Flippin Evenin" he whistled, he broke out into a shuffle. Something he pulled from Tiktok. His snakey dreds whipping wildly in tune to his jam.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli The stone covering Jasmine and Snow shattered as they spread their wings. Preparing to take flight they looked down and saw Tobias.

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Kirie Tobias did a half turn, cranning his head back to see the creatures just overhead of him. He grinned, his snakes hissing in unison while he removed a bud from his right ear. " Well well, look who decided to join me. " He chimed despite not knowing whether they'd take off into the city without even acknowledging him.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Jasmine smiled and jumped down onto the ledge he was on, her long tail curled around her feet. "We had to wait until the sun had set." She said with a shrug and looked around for her beast. As well as Snow's.

Snow watched Jasmine interact with Tobias and folded her feathered wings.

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Kirie "Nothing good ever happens before nightfall anyways." He nodded, glancing to Jasmine and noting her unusual green tint features then briefly to the other newcomer just overhead. Gargoyles were interesting creatures though these girls were certainly the first he's ever encountered in person. As a monster that carried a stoney trait, he could admire it. "Ready to party? Or am I trespassing on your turf up here?" His gloved hands moved to smooth his snakes into a more submissive pose to act more like hair.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "Your fine, Sure lets party." Jasmine agreed and took to the air before she turned and hovered in front of him.

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