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Anne of the Island (Anne of Green Gables, #3)
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library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) We will continue with Anne and read Anne of the Island next! Who knew when we read Anne of Green Gables we'd all want to continue with the series. Anne of the Island has 41 chapters ( or atleast mine does) so we will do 2 check ins of 20 chapters is that okay with you guys?

First check in August 17th through Chapter 20

Last check in August 31st Chapter 21 through end of book.

message 2: by Gia (new) - rated it 5 stars

Gia Yes, who knew?! So wonderful! That reading schedule sounds great to me!

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) So I'm sadly not going be to be able to catch up to this one in time for discussions. I'm a bad book leader for Anne I know, and I'm sorry...

Compared to the other's you've read so far how does Anne of the Island stack up?

Do you think you'll continue with the series on your own or stop where we are stopping?

Who's your favorite character in this or any of the books?

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) I haven't started this one yet, but I've loved the series so far so I'm sure I'll love this one as well.

I do own the whole series I got it 2 Christmases ( is that right it looks weird?) ago so I do want to read the whole series!

I love Anne and Gilbert, okay I really love almost in the books and would love to go to Prince Edward island at some point!

I just read a sad article about the author's life and it was so sad that she has brought so much joy with her Anne series yet had so much sadness in her own life.

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Gia @Shannon, no worries, it's all good! And, thank you so much for this wonderful buddy read! I'm so grateful as it got me started reading this heartwarming series. Without the buddy read I'm not sure I would've gotten started, so thank you!

Anne of the Island is my favorite Anne book so far!! (Even though I loved all the other books, too!) I'll definitely keep reading this series on my own. I have all the books now so I'm on my way ;)

I think Anne of the Island is my favorite so far because I really enjoyed reading all about Anne and her friends at college and all their experiences and adventures! I, too, would love to go to PEI.

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