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library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) We are finishing the series this month and that's kinda sad but I've had so much fun reading along with you guys. Even if I did get behind this month, but I'm slowly catching up. :)

Ramona Quimby Age 8 check in August 16th

Ramona Forever check in August 31st ( because August 30th is my oldest kids bday and even though we wont be going anywhere to celebrate I want to do something special at home. )

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Gia Yes, that is sad we are nearing the end of the series. It has been really fun! Those dates all work for me.

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) Getting ready to reread the last 2 Ramona books, so happy we've read through the series! Thank you guys!

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) We are almost done with the series and I have to say I love Ramona just as much now as I did when I was a kid! I think her books are timeless and such a great series to gift to all young readers. :)

After we finish this series I think I'm going to read From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler I remember loving this one when I was younger. I want to see if it still holds the magic.

What 3 word would you use to describe Ramona?
What is your favorite part of Ramona Quimby Age 8?
Did you ever read the Henry Huggins series, or Ralph S Mouse?

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Gia Hard to believe we're almost through the series! I love Ramona even more now than when I was a kid, probably because now I can relate even more to her whole family. I agree that these books are timeless.

Ramona is passionate, spunky, and lovable!

My favorite part of the book was when Ramona threw up in school. It just hit my funny bone and I laughed till I cried for at least 5 minutes. I'm not sure why I thought that part was so funny!

I've only read one Henry Huggins book: "Henry and the Paper Route" and it was great! I found it really funny, too, at times. I have a Ralph S Mouse on my shelf that I have yet to read.

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) what to buddy read it? I'd love to reread Ralph S Mouse!

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Gia Yes, that would be fun!

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) Gia wrote: "Yes, that would be fun!"

Sounds fun! Let me know when ever your ready!

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Gia I'm ready now, or whenever you are! I have the book in hand :)

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) Ramona is spunky, curious and good hearted

I loved the hard boiled egg chapter. I loved it in the movie as well!

I've read the Ralph S Mouse series, Risby, and Socks books as well.

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) okay lets start it!

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Gia Great!! :)

Oh, I think I read Socks as kid, now that you mention it!

I haven't seen the Ramona movie; I need to!

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) It's Ramona Forever time! I was kinda sad when we closed the chapter on Ramona's 3rd grade year. So much has happened and I enjoyed these books so much this time around as I did the other times I read them when I was little.

So what was your favorite part of Ramona Forever?
How do you feel Ramona and Beezus grew in the series?
Do you have a favorite book of the series or loved them all?

library girl reading (gidgetsbookshelves) My favorite part of Ramona Forever was seeing Beezus and her grow even more close together. They have each other's backs, between staying home together after school, burying picky picky :( and becoming big sister's together made them even closer I think.

I think the author did a great job at showing the struggles and highs of growing up and made them relatable and realistic for the ages they were.

I loved all the books and I loved how the movie took the best of each book and included it with just a few changes here and there. If you haven't seen the movie yet I highly recommend it. Joey King as Ramona was a perfect casting and Selena Gomez was a gret Beezus!

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Gia I'm going to work on this tomorrow on my day off. I started reading Ramona's World a couple of weeks ago and now I need to go back and revisit Ramona Forever, lol!

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Gia My favorite part of Ramona Forever was when Uncle Hobart took all four children out shopping for wedding clothes. Too funny! It's fun to see Willa Jean growing up too! :)

Ramona and Beezus have really grown in the series and that may be most seen in this book where they have to work together a lot. They get mad at each other, have misunderstandings, then later learn how to work it out and move on, learning more about themselves and each other. They seem to be getting closer as they grow up and share in new experiences together. So sad when Picky-Picky died :(

I loved all the books in the series but I also have some special favorites: Ramona The Brave; Ramona, Age 8; and Ramona And Her Mother.

I have to see the movie! I'll look for it!

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