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message 1: by yesterday (new)

yesterday (yesterday90) | 22 comments The page number is missing so you can't put in progress via app (cause default is "0")

correct page number: 367


thank you!

is there any chance to change the default to 1000? or to set the page number as an obligate field?

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 44010 comments Mod
Please include ISBN (or ASIN) with all page numbering requests, even when linking to the book.

message 3: by yesterday (new)

yesterday (yesterday90) | 22 comments i linked under 'this topic is about' with the isbn!

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 25156 comments Done.

If you look you'll find the isbn is missing from the "this topic is about" so it is always best to add it to the post itself.

And I'm not sure why the isbn is missing, but it happens.

message 5: by yesterday (new)

yesterday (yesterday90) | 22 comments well I see that it worked cause the cover is there and it says
---> This topic is about Die Smartphone-Epidemie
"Die Smartphone-Epidemie" is linked to the edition I am talking about. Plus I linked the respective amazon-page. What more? Why is there the "topic is about"-field anyway?

I mean theres three ways to find out book/isbn here. Amazon-Link, cover, title linked. I think thats really enough.

Is it only a problem when talking about page numbers? I'd like to unterstand what is wrong when you can get directly on the book's page here and click edit and insert the number I posted. I think thats how it works?

I add the ASIN every request I make when it is missing. I'd thought it's correct if I add whats missing. In that case ISBN is fine so I did not think that is the critical part. If I say please add the page number and I do not add it here, I understand the problem. Cause it's the _missing_ part.

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