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White Council flaw

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message 1: by Darkcain11, Merlin (new)

Darkcain11 | 324 comments Mod
Okay so reading peace talks made me see how big a flaw the white Council has on it's hand. They need therapists either in house using wizards similar to Molly a sensitive type or someone out of house under contract similar to the gards. It would give less talented magical people a way to help and people like Molly who aren't cut out to fight.
I'm not sure if anyone has watched billions the TV show. They have a woman they checking in on everyone making sure they're mentally heathy. They desperately need that. Those are just stock brokers. These people are wizards who have the ability to nuke things.
From Ramirez having PTSD from a combination of the war and his injury's. Ebenezer his hatred of vampires and his daughters death.
If this was in place they would have known about Peabody's influence.

message 2: by Caryl (new)

Caryl Huffstetler | 90 comments There are a few other flaws in the White Council's way of doing things, IMO, which makes it hard for them to adapt. Adapting is the main ability that homo sapiens have that make them able to do as Harry does, overcome creatures of greater strength and ability. -Need to hunt mammoths? Develop pit hunting. Gotta protect against things with better claws? Develop weapons that both mimic claws And give greater flexibility. Etc.-
IMO, the White Council will not survive in its current form. There is going to be a wizard civil war, so to speak, and a new Council with new or amended laws will emerge Or there will be No governing body for wizards which will then place wizards on the endangered species list. Just like the Black Court before them.

message 3: by Christian (new)

Christian | 148 comments I completely agree that the white council is very rigid, and resists to change magnificently, which easily is going to be its undoing.
But the recent war against the red court has also brought a lot of younger members into more positions of power, which might be useful for change.

But to much change will likely destroy them from within. There is a scene in an earlier book, where Harry and Luccio discuss the shortcomings of the laws of magic, and honestly I think Luccio makes the better point there.

As for caring for the psychological tool of its members, I agree help would be needed but the self image of the all powerful wizard is clashing with that concept. When I’m looking at the description of wizards I can only compare it within image of machismo turned up to 11. also the fear from mind magic is real, and based on some glimpses we get actually pretty justified.

message 4: by Darkcain11, Merlin (new)

Darkcain11 | 324 comments Mod
Harry does say many times how well the parameters work at keeping the mortal and magical communities balanced. I'd like to see a union of the council and them and create a more balanced one.

ok has anyone seen justice league unlimited. it reminds me of the finale of season 2. where you had the league up above looking down on the world and it took Superman to make an effort to make a base on earth to let people in. the paranet could be that for the Dresden universe.

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