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kaelyn. | 51 comments Mod
Start here, collaborate with others :D

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Ashi✿TheAvidReader | 20 comments When anything appears too perfect to be true you haven’t yet seen the full picture.
This is what Arthur should have realised when his day was going miraculously perfect. It started with a perfect cloudy morning; the sun didn’t sting his eyes. His mom made him breakfast. He was on time for school. His dance team was rocking it. The National Dance Championship seemed attainable. He felt invincible.
And then he broke his arm.

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Scribbles! (skribblesforlife) | 16 comments Four hours earlier

Felicity sat down at a table with her friends and opened her lunch. She took a bite of her apple, pretending to be interested in whatever they were gossiping about. Letting her gaze wander around the cafeteria, she overheard a couple of Arthur's friends talking rather loudly.

"We're gonna head to my place tonight and have a party on the roof," One of them said. "You guys have got to come, it'll be awesome."

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Scribbles! (skribblesforlife) | 16 comments ((Bloop))

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