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message 1: by Sehr (new)

Sehr | 3 comments Mod
Hi all!!! Please drop your recommendations in this discussion thread :D

message 2: by May (new)

May (mistressemmedi) | 3 comments Fast & Hard (The Fast Series, #1) by Kat Ransom

It's literally a book series about a girl that falls in love with David Coulthard who went through a crisis and got lots of tattoos.
Bonus - it's a series

Thank me later lmao

message 3: by Lara (new)

Lara H | 1 comments Chasing Daisy by Paige Toon

'bout a girl who starts working for a f1 team and falls for not just one but TWO drivers

it is kind of meh but gets better if you stick with it through the first half

message 4: by May (new)

May (mistressemmedi) | 3 comments Driven - A high-speed thriller set in the world of Formula 1 by Toby Vintcent

Driven is the first book of a 3 part series.
The plot is interesting as it is focused on a male lead, but his counterpart is a woman who drives for the top team in F1.
There's romance, mystery and suspense, overall really enjoyable read although the ladies in the book are written by a guy and... ya know...

Don't bother with the sequel, Crash. Absolute garbage.

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Sehr | 3 comments Mod
Added these plus other recommendations from tumblr onto the groups shelf :D

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