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Chelsii Klein (authorcek) | 4 comments Title- The Ivy Tribe
Author- Chelsii Klein
ISBN- not set
Publisher-Amazon & Others
Publication date- 8/14/20
Format- E-Book
Description- Somehow...I'm a siren. And apparently I'm a siren with one seriously sexy alpha-hole, gatekeeper of Hell stuck up my ass.

Finding out my lineage should be the least of my worries especially when I'm wanted for murder on Earth and have a date with a group called the Watchers in Hell...but my gut tells me it may be the key to unraveling everything.

Either submit to Cander, like a good little siren demon by my 72 hour deadline, or make my own way.

To Love or To Lust; That is the question?

Page Count- N/A


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Dobby (dobby0390) | 4279 comments working on it ... ... and done. You had already added the book; I completed the record and added the cover image from Amazon.

ASIN B08D9MYVW9: The Ivy Tribe

Please note that the format of ebooks on Amazon is Kindle, rather than ebook. Kindle editions have ASIN identifiers rather than ISBN identifiers. When you add a Kindle edition, select the "click for ASIN" link to the right of the ISBN fields. That will display the ASIN field. Self-published Kindle editions show "Amazon Digital Services" as the publisher.

Thanks for the link! :)

Chelsii Klein (authorcek) | 4 comments Thank you so much, I will remember :)

message 4: by Dobby (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 4279 comments Glad to help! It can get complicated sometimes, especially at first.

The Librarian Manual is the resource we use to assure that we're following policy in all our edits.

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